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Synonyms for willow-pattern

chinaware decorated with a blue Chinese design on a white background depicting a willow tree and often a river


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(13.) The Mandarin's Daughter] Being the Simple Story of The Willow-Pattern Plate, A Chinese Tale [1851] (London: Thomas Hailes Lacy, and [apparently 1876]).
The ravishing floral designs are typically picked out in soft shades Au jade and willow-pattern blue with touches of brick red.
We are on the lookout for old-fashioned items for the tearoom and bar, willow-pattern crockery, old silver cutlery and cake stands - basically anything that you might remember seeing in granny's house.
WHEN Victoria Beckham stepped out in dress that looked like a Chinese blue and white willow-pattern vase this week, she thought she was setting a new trend.
And it was the East rather than the West that was initially the biggest exporter of manufactured products to the rest of the world, especially porcelain from China that provided the very word in English and led directly to the establishment of the industries at Delft in the Low Countries and at Staffordshire in England where, as on the continent, the firm of Wedgwood copied their pottery, their glazes and above all their decorations (as in the willow-pattern), which has been seen as the beginning of mass consumer culture.
According to next day's Times, she purchased an Axminster rug for five shillings, a leather handbag for 1s 11d, a willow-pattern teapot for 1s and a 21-piece tea service for 6s.