willing and able

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not reluctant

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Meeting of the Minds Absent an agreement to the contrary, it is generally accepted that a broker will earn a commission when there is a "meeting of the minds" on all "essential business terms" between the seller and a ready, willing and able buyer.
While capital was readily available for certain classes of real estate development, others found few sources willing and able to meet their needs.
Further, in New York, absent agreement to the contrary, a broker is entitled to a commission if he or she procures a deal with a ready, willing and able prospect - whether or not the deal ever closes or is even reduced to writing.
As stated above, a brokerage commission is generally earned when the broker procures a ready, willing and able prospect and there is agreement between the parties with respect to all of the material terms customarily encountered in the transaction.
Judge Pasquale Bifusco, of the Civil Court, Richmond County, New York, ruled that it is a fundamental proposition of law that absent an agreement to the contrary a real estate broker has earned its commission when it has produced a buyer ready, willing and able to purchase on the terms acceptable to the seller.