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Synonyms for willing

Synonyms for willing

disposed to accept or agree

of or relating to free exercise of the will

Synonyms for willing

the act of making a choice

disposed or inclined toward

not brought about by coercion or force

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Quite willing, mamma; and the money I have saved will do to furnish the house.
I will give it you with pleasure," the Secretary answered, "although I imagine that he would be quite willing to see you on your own request.
But he is willing to argue the question, as mathematicians say, under an hypothesis.
Yet, like other philosophers, he is willing to admit that 'probability is the guide of life (Butler's Analogy.
Like Alcibiades he is inspired with an ardent desire of knowledge, and is equally willing to learn of Socrates and of the Sophists.
All FEELING suffereth in me, and is in prison: but my WILLING ever cometh to me as mine emancipator and comforter.
No longer willing, and no longer valuing, and no longer creating
I am willing to trust myself with him - perfectly willing, Meekins.
He described her ladyship as willing to acknowledge that she had spoken over-hastily.
At the last conference we had held with her, we had found her not over willing to lift her eyes from the book which she had on the table.
But to bring this long turn of our affairs to a conclusion; the first thing we had to do was to consult with the captain of the ship, and with his men, and know if they were willing to go to Japan.
If my partner, who was no way concerned with my young man, made him such an offer, I could not do less than offer him the same; and all the ship's company being willing to go with him, we made over half the ship to him in property, and took a writing from him, obliging him to account for the other, and away he went to Japan.
So, being willing to gratify him, which was but doing him justice, and very willing also to have him with us besides, for he was a most necessary man on all occasions, we agreed to give him a quantity of coined gold, which, as I computed it, was worth one hundred and seventy-five pounds sterling, between us, and to bear all his charges, both for himself and horse, except only a horse to carry his goods.
The survey did provide one glimmer of bipartisanship, however: Neither Democrats nor Republicans are willing to drive far to meet a member of Congress.
Querying over 1,000 consumers nationwide, on average Americans were only willing to spend about USD 6.