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Synonyms for willing

Synonyms for willing

disposed to accept or agree

of or relating to free exercise of the will

Synonyms for willing

the act of making a choice

disposed or inclined toward

not brought about by coercion or force

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No longer willing, and no longer valuing, and no longer creating!
I was ready and willing to get free now; I hadn't wanted to get free any sooner.
They were willing. They fastened her to a post; they brought wood and piled it about her; they applied the torch while she shrieked and pleaded and strained her two young daughters to her breast; and our brute, with a heart solely for business, lashed us into position about the stake and warmed us into life and commer- cial value by the same fire which took away the inno- cent life of that poor harmless mother.
But he is willing to argue the question, as mathematicians say, under an hypothesis.
Yet, like other philosophers, he is willing to admit that 'probability is the guide of life (Butler's Analogy.);' and he is at the same time desirous of contrasting the wisdom which governs the world with a higher wisdom.
Like Alcibiades he is inspired with an ardent desire of knowledge, and is equally willing to learn of Socrates and of the Sophists.
"We are willing to admit that," Inspector Jacks said.
"I will give it you with pleasure," the Secretary answered, "although I imagine that he would be quite willing to see you on your own request."
The survey, which questioned more than 3,000 people and was commissioned by alcohol education charity Drinkaware, found that 29% of 40 to 64-yearolds would be willing to drink a lower-strength alcoholic drink.
Anesthesiologists were the most likely to consider participating in an ACO while Emergency Medicine physicians were the least likely to be willing to participate.
'We want to do away with foreign workers, but cannot, because our people are not willing to (do the) work, in restaurants they are not willing (to work), neither in the supermarkets.
Among women respondents, a 'negative' balance of opinion of -35 (23 percent willing, 58 percent not willing) was recorded, while it was a 'positive' net +17 (48 percent willing, 31 percent not willing) among men.
This is much lower compared to men in general, at a positive net +17 (48 percent willing, 31 percent not willing), and the nationwide balance of opinion of neutral-negative net -9 (36 percent willing, 44 percent not willing).
Afghanistan is China's important partner to jointly implement the Belt and Road Initiative, and China is willing to expand bilateral trade and investment with Afghanistan and help Afghanistan speed up its reconstruction and development process, Wang said.
According to (https://www.moneycontrol.com/glossary/property/willing-seller-willing-buyer_665.html) Money Control , "willing-buyer, willing-seller" policy generally means "that the owner of the property concerned is willing to dispose of his interest therein and that there is at least one genuine purchaser in the market for that interest."