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Synonyms for willfully

of one's own free will

Synonyms for willfully

in a willful manner


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Hydrodynamic's trial attorney, Yuri Mikulka, Chair of Intellectual Property Practice Group of Stradling Yocca Carlson & Rauth, said, "The jury found that Green Max not only infringed Hydrodynamic's patent, but did so willfully.
Following a bench trial, the district court entered judgment in favor of Williams, finding that the IRS had failed to establish that Williams willfully violated the FBAR requirements.
If the State proves that the defendant willfully failed to give any part of the Aidentifying information" or willfully failed to give reasonable assistance, the State satisfies this element of the offense.
378, it would be illegal to knowingly transport a terrorist or terror suspect aboard a vessel or willfully cause destruction of a vessel or maritime facility.
IRC section 6672 imposes a penalty equal to the total amount of any federal payroll (trust fund) tax any person willfully evades, fails to collect or does not account for and pays over.
a financial services firm, had willfully violated the copyrights of Lowry (NL/NL 10/16/03).
1272, which would stiffen penalties (making it a felony instead of a misdemeanor) for employers that cause a worker's death by willfully violating health and safety laws.
Someone who obviously has no regard for proper procedure and application of those procedures, someone who willfully and knowingly went against well-established church canon, does not sound like someone in a position of leadership to me.
Bill C-45 defines who is responsible for the safety of persons in the workplace and allows for prosecution under the charges of "criminal negligence" when those responsibilities are recklessly or willfully disregarded.
Can we willfully bring about something that we wish to happen?
Solid Clothing, a Los Angeles-based import and retail company, was found guilty of willfully selling imitation FUBU "05" athletic jerseys from 1999 to 2001.
Readers who themselves have experiences with epilepsy will find valuable insight on the condition and its treatment here, but those with no such experience will become equally involved in the author's discussion of how one both does and can't shape self perception willfully.
Researchers at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver had observed that women who willfully regulate food intake sometimes develop subtle perturbations in their menstrual cycles.
73 percent and willfully amortize over a 40-year term, plus an eight month construction period.
sections] 42, which makes it a criminal act to willfully deprive a person of rights protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States while acting under the color of law.