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Synonyms for will-o'-the-wisp

Synonyms for will-o'-the-wisp

a pale light sometimes seen at night over marshy ground

an illusion that misleads

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Agreeable balletic effects from Will-o'-the-wisp (Julia Simpson) and the wood creatures, not bad singing from the principals, imaginative use of lighting and an impressive first half set ail add up to a very acceptable Christmas package.
Also highly recommended is Marokvia's previous memoir, "Immortelles: Memoir of a Will-o'-the-Wisp".
For years, companies have tried to make cheaper and faster units, but the will-o'-the-wisp of the iPod target is impossible to hit by the wannabes because the target they're shooting at is old news, and it's too late once they release a new iPod killer to see that Apple left the old model behind as a sacrificial lamb while the Red Bull-swilling tattooed engineers at Apple have been busy widening the gap.
"This is not a will-o'-the-wisp, marginal candidacy," said Lunch, the chairman of the Oregon State University Political Science Department.
It is no mere will-o'-the-wisp, for example, that has each new store Tesco launches in Thailand open its doors for the first time at precisely 9:09 a.m., because the Thai people believe these numbers bring good fortune.
He thought that the search for such a theory amounted to a search for a theory of history--and to do that was to chase a will-o'-the-wisp.
Let's face it, we're a mess, too easily seduced by will-o'-the-wisp promises of salvation through fundamentalist religion, dogmatic political ideologies, post-modern quackery, voodoo economics, the so-called Free Market, or that 20th century contradiction in terms, sustainable development, (to name, as Gore Vidal might say, but a few).
Certainly success in Margolis' and Matter's picture, like a will-o'-the-wisp, beckons at every turn, only to be painfully (and hilariously) snatched away.
In "UN Development Goals Fall Short," Stephanie Dornschneider writes that improving the quality of life of the world's impoverished is proving to be a will-o'-the-wisp for the United Nations.
An Israeli-Palestinian peace settlement is looking more like a will-o'-the-wisp as a cycle of retaliatory violence continues unabated.
Naming what distinguishes Catholic Christianity, then, might be chasing a will-o'-the-wisp. Yet, part of the genius of Catholicism is precisely its catholicity, its ability to maintain unity in faith and welcome great diversity of expression" (33).
By pursuing the will-o'-the-wisp ideas of global civil society and transnational social movements, citizens movements risk giving up on their country's sovereignty.
And these days, courting the information professional has become a necessity for companies with business models that don't rely on the will-o'-the-wisp that is Internet advertising.