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Synonyms for will

Synonyms for will

the mental faculty by which one deliberately chooses or decides


a desire for a particular thing or activity

unrestricted freedom to choose

to have the desire or inclination to

to give (property) to another person after one's death

Synonyms for will

the capability of conscious choice and decision and intention

a fixed and persistent intent or purpose

a legal document declaring a person's wishes regarding the disposal of their property when they die

decree or ordain

Related Words

determine by choice

leave or give by will after one's death

References in classic literature ?
Well, what is to be done, mademoiselle, when so many wills are leagued against me?
It will be very good of you indeed if you can spare me those few minutes.
And there are no teachers in the higher sense of the word; that is to say, no real teachers who will arouse the spirit of enquiry in their pupils, and not merely instruct them in rhetoric or impart to them ready- made information for a fee of 'one' or of 'fifty drachms.
And also in discerning do I feel only my will's procreating and evolving delight; and if there be innocence in my knowledge, it is because there is will to procreation in it.
Away from God and Gods did this will allure me; what would there be to create if there were--Gods!
I will complete it: for a shadow came unto me--the stillest and lightest of all things once came unto me!
Or, to tell you it more candidly: just such a fate--willeth my Will.
If you will not provide me with any means of doing so, I will walk.
You will excuse me, sir," he objected doubtfully, "but I am not at all sure that he is safe.
I tell you that if I don't get there, if the message I convey doesn't reach its destination, you may find an agreement signed between certain Powers which will mean the greatest diplomatic humiliation which Great Britain has ever known.
He didn't seem, on second thoughts, to feel that this was quite such a brainy scheme as he had at first, and it wasn't long before he came trotting back to tear up this second will and switch back to the first one--the one leaving the money to the niece.
He wrote that Ira Nutcombe of whom they had spoken so often had most surprisingly left him in his will a large sum of money, and eased his conscience by telling himself that half of a million pounds undeniably was a large sum of money.
It takes the legal mind, like mine, to tackle wills.
It is none of my business, nor any part of my design; but to give an account of my own adventures through a life of inimitable wanderings, and a long variety of changes, which, perhaps, few that come after me will have heard the like of: I shall, therefore, say very little of all the mighty places, desert countries, and numerous people I have yet to pass through, more than relates to my own story, and which my concern among them will make necessary.
Ah, Seignior Inglese," says he, "I have something to tell will make your heart glad.