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Synonyms for wild-eyed

appearing extremely agitated

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not sensible about practical matters

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The wild-eyed, wild-haired freewheeling king of surreal improvisational comedy is back at his regular haunt, the Philharmonic Hall in Hope Street, as part of his 15th UK tour, Brain Dump.
We see Cara Delevingne, 22, go goth for her role as the Enchantress, right, Jared Leto, 43, play the wild-eyed Joker, left, and Margot Robbie, 25, look both scary and sexy as Harley Quinn, centre.
15PM Wild-eyed air traffic controller Lloyd Bridges picks a bad week to give up smoking.
She fears for when a wild-eyed steps into put ers on, Maxine alises Cain was g nice in arison.
She fears for her life, but when a wild-eyed Charity also steps in to put the frighteners on, Maxine soon realises Cain was playing nice in comparison.
Lauren thinks he might have done, but as she cross examines him, he's too wild-eyed, sweaty and panicky to be a credible suspect this early in the game.
Our high streets and shopping centres fill with wild-eyed shoppers dashing from store to store in a last-gasp dash to avoid ruining Christmas, inevitably ending up stood in HMV looking at a pile of over-priced comedy DVDs and thinking, "This'll do.
Wild-eyed outrage is THE touchline look (Gus Poyet (left) pulled it off spectacularly at the Britannia Stadium).
But there's a fancy dress party to go to and Niamh - the wild-eyed, feeble-minded one (played by Kat Reagan) has organised all the costumes.
Daniel, 23, certainly looked wild-eyed as he left the Noel Coward theatre in central London clutching a bottle of water.
BEARDED and with a frenetic demeanour, there's more than just a hint of the wild-eyed, ranting Irishman with Tommy Tiernan.
Liner notes: Seemingly possessed by wild-eyed delirium, Annie Clark, a.
grandmother, wild-eyed like Demeter, searched and searched, but
Wild-eyed, well, some might be described as wild-eyed.
Megan Fox confidently graduates from her eye-candy roles in the Transformers films to leading lady, but has wild-eyed competition from co-star Amanda Seyfried.