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any of various wild bovines especially of the genera Bos or closely related Bibos

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He is right about the lion, deer, wild ox, ostrich, hawk, and eagle, but these are all obviously undomesticated animals that do not have any special relationship to humans.
Using computer simulations they found that the DNA differences could only have arisen if a small number of animals, approximately 80, were domesticated from wild ox (aurochs).
It can tame a young, wild ox like a skilled rancher or cowboy.
verb form * kabida > * k5bed 'was heavy,' (f) the absolute * kabidu > * k5bed 'heavy,' (g) the absolute * ri'mu > re m 'wild ox.' A newcomer, added for convenience, is (h) the absolute *surru > [so.sup.(w)]r 'Tyre,' also with a stage of "compact" geminate after peak of initial syllable.
Snuppy joins a large pantheon of cloned animals which include sheep, calves, goats, rabbits, horses, mice, pigs, deer, mules, cats, and guar, a large wild ox found in Southeast Asia.
As for the beaver, wild boar, wild ox or auroch as it was known, they were all hunted to extinction before they could even be remembered in a place name, all that remains of them are their fossils and a passing mention in fable.
We imagine the animals--perhaps the massive aurochs (wild ox) browsing the sedge grass down by the river, or the lions and hippos that once roamed Trafalgar Square.
An American team cloned a rare wild ox called a gaur last year (SN: 2/10/01, p.
He said the team plans to seek funds from conservation groups to expand its project to include cloning of endangered wildlife species such as the kouprey, a wild ox native to Indochina that has died out in Thailand.
A wild ox with pointed horns that bounds nimbly through Vietnam's mountain underbrush.
|His firstling bull has majesty, and his horns are the horns of a wild ox' Rsv.
In recent years prices have risen dramatically for water buffalo in the Northern Territories and have always been high for her other wild ox. the banteng.
Quiz of the Day ANSWERS: 1 Freddie Mercury; 2 Iran; 3 A wild ox or bison; 4 The Atacama; 5 Mahatma Gandhi; 6 The Spanish Armada; 7 Australia; 8 The magpie; 9 The Truman Show; 10 Hatfield Palace.
The Romans may also have encountered the original wild ox of Europe, the Auroch, which is thought to have survived in parts of Scotland until the 8th century, as well as the ancestors of the Welsh Black.
The argument placing the lowering of the short vowels so early (4 above) depends on forms in the Amarna letters like ru-su-(nu) "(our) head" representing [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] < *rasu < *ra'su "head" and the fact that similar lengthenings of PS *i, *u upon loss of a following glottal stop yield Hebrew *e, *o, not **i, **u, e.g., *ri'mu > *rem > r[e.sup.y]m "wild ox," *bi'ru > *beru (>b'er) "well, spring," *bu'su > *bosu (>b'os) "stink," (16) the last two forms being attested with analogically restored glottal stop (cf.