wild oats

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any of various plants of the genus Uvularia having yellowish drooping bell-shaped flowers

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"I was about to speak further, when I observed the wild oats near the place of the disturbance moving in the most inexplicable way.
All sounds had ceased, but with a feeling of such terror as even these awful events had not inspired I now saw again the mysterious movement of the wild oats, prolonging itself from the trampled area about the prostrate man toward the edge of a wood.
`MacKeller found him sowing wild oats in London, I believe.
He wants gravity and steadiness; he must sow his wild oats, and then perhaps he'll become in time a respectable member of society.'
Raveloe was not a place where moral censure was severe, but it was thought a weakness in the Squire that he had kept all his sons at home in idleness; and though some licence was to be allowed to young men whose fathers could afford it, people shook their heads at the courses of the second son, Dunstan, commonly called Dunsey Cass, whose taste for swopping and betting might turn out to be a sowing of something worse than wild oats. To be sure, the neighbours said, it was no matter what became of Dunsey--a spiteful jeering fellow, who seemed to enjoy his drink the more when other people went dry--always provided that his doings did not bring trouble on a family like Squire Cass's, with a monument in the church, and tankards older than King George.
In the rotation of crops there was a recognised season for wild oats; but they were not to be sown more than once.
Joined a short time later by Wild Oats XI, the two were to battle throughout the rest of the race for line honours.
Wild oats is the most wide spread weed across the northern grain growing regions of New South Wales and Queensland, and the most competitive grass weed in cereal crops.
Morning rainsqualls cleared just prior to the start of the race in Sydney Harbour as the record-breaking supermaxi Wild Oats X1 lead the 56-strong fleet out Sydney Heads.
to carry the Wild Oats brand of organic and natural groceries.
The world's largest retailer and nation's largest grocery seller said Thursday it has teamed up with Wild Oats to sell a new line of organic foods, starting this month, that's at least 25 percent cheaper than the national organic brands it carries and in line with the prices of its branded non-organic alternatives.
Effect of wild oats (Avena fatua L.) density on wheat yield and its components under varying nitrogen regimes.
The stores reportedly will be rebannered as Wild Oats, a chain of natural/organic food stores acquired by Whole Foods Market Inc.
Summary: Sydney: Wild Oats XI on Saturday completed a historic Sydney to Hobart triple ...
In 1987 they acquired Crystal Market, which specialized in natural foods, and out of that emerged the natural-foods grocery chain Wild Oats.