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freshwater duck of Eurasia and northern Africa related to mallards and teals

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This is possibly the first record of garganeys and Eurasian wigeons at Naujan Lake and in Mindoro,' said
After accounting for detection probability (12), we found that up to 5% of the wintering populations of tufted ducks and Eurasian wigeons in the Netherlands might have died.
Mallards, pintails and a few of Tony's favorite wigeon flew into our gun barrels with reckless abandon.
From a total of 38 surveys, we recorded 192 Eurasian wigeons whose sex could be identified.
During the winter months the skies fill with visiting waterfowl such as pink-footed geese and wigeons, not to mention birds of prey that can set flocks wheeling over the marshes.
RARE BIRD ALERT A male falcated duck visits Eugene Plumage: Gray with green head, bronze crown and long, sickle-shaped flight feathers overhanging tail Length: 19 to 21 inches; about same size as American wigeon or gadwall - Wikipedia
Up to three black necked grebes were recorded last spring and in the winter 100 wigeons, 600 golden plovers and 400 lapwings are regular visitors.
Diving ducks, such as the pochard and tufted varieties are settling on deep gravel pits and reservoirs, while the "dabblers" - wigeons, teals and mallards - opt for shallower waters.
RSPB Lochwinnoch Nature Reserve lets visitors watch whooper swans, wigeons and a wide variety of ducks during the winter months as they walk along the paths filled with snowdrops.
But the first Wigeons have returned to whistle on the Conwy estuary and Goldcrests feed hurriedly on flies caught in spiders' webs lit by the early morning dew.
When the trio of wigeons committed, we stoned 'em with simultaneous blasts.
By experimentally infecting wild ducks, we found that tufted ducks, Eurasian pochards, and mallards excreted significantly more virus than common teals, Eurasian wigeons, and gadwalls; yet only tufted ducks and, to a lesser degree, pochards became ill or died.
Breaches will be put in the sea wall, and the result will be a mix of saltmarsh, saline lagoons and muddy creeks, providing a wetland haven for thousands of wintering birds such as black-tailed godwits, dunlins, avocets, redshanks and wigeons.
He didn't have his birding field guide with him so - while Turner kept a spotting scope trained on the strange bird swimming and feeding among hundreds of wigeons - Houle ran to his car to get it.
Southbound Whimbrels were over Anglesey this week, and the first Wigeons of the autumn were at RSPB Conwy on Monday morning.