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Synonyms for wield

Synonyms for wield

to use with or as if with the hands

to bring to bear steadily or forcefully

Synonyms for wield

have and exercise

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handle effectively

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Postmodern organizational analysis is, therefore, concerned with local patterns of orchestration in which the affairs of the world are made more pliable, wieldable and hence more amenable to human intervention and control.
It is for this reason that Law's (1986) study of the evolution of methods of long distance control in the Portuguese East India Company, Latour's (1988) discussion of the translation and displacement processes involved in the search for a cure for the anthrax disease afflicting the French cattle industry in the 1880s, and Cooper's (1992) detailed study of the organizational micro-practices of remote control, displacement and abbreviation, all demonstrate how in real 'concrete' and empirical terms these 'assemblages of organizings' enable the remote, obdurate and intractable features of the world to be rendered more accessible, pliable and wieldable and hence more amenable to human intervention.