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  • verb

Synonyms for wield

Synonyms for wield

to use with or as if with the hands

to bring to bear steadily or forcefully

Synonyms for wield

have and exercise

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handle effectively

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The next few days Tarzan devoted to the weaving of a barkcloth sail with which to equip the canoe, for he despaired of being able to teach the apes to wield the paddles, though he did manage to get several of them to embark in the frail craft which he and Mugambi paddled about inside the reef where the water was quite smooth.
Heavy spears were hurled and mighty war-clubs wielded, and though apes went down never to rise, so, too, went down the men of Ugambi.
He also drew his father's spear out of the spear-stand, a spear so great and heavy and strong that none of the Achaeans save only Achilles had strength to wield it; this was the spear of Pelian ash from the topmost ridges of Mt.
With all its clap-trap side-shows and unseemly impostures of every kind, it is still grand, reverend, venerable--for a god died there; for fifteen hundred years its shrines have been wet with the tears of pilgrims from the earth's remotest confines; for more than two hundred, the most gallant knights that ever wielded sword wasted their lives away in a struggle to seize it and hold it sacred from infidel pollution.
Hamel," he said calmly, "have wielded before now the powers of life and death.
While the actress was unsure of her future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2016, when she told an interviewer, 'Hopefully, one day, I'll figure it out,' it was announced at the San Diego Comic-Con last week that Portman would reprise Jane Foster, who will be worthy to wield the mighty hammer Mjolnir and become the mythic being.
(TAP) - "If the President of the Republic does not really wield the executive power, this must be taken into account in the future," President Beji Caid Essebsi said, alluding to an overhaul of the Constitution.
Even in societies that claim to be highly developed, security remains the leading concern and the top expenditure of the individuals and groups who wield political power.
THE SNP would wield "enormous clout and enormous influence" in a hung parliament, says Nicola Sturgeon.
Summary: Say hello to the 'Vertu for Bentley' mobile phone, which will ensure that you wield as much power in your palm as you do on the roads.
The tools Amadahy presents are already in our capacity to wield, and they do not contradict current understandings of how systemic power works.
The refreshments served to the Chancellor and the bankers were presumably different, but like the Social Contract of that time, Project Merlin is a tacit admission that it is now the City of London and the big banking institutions that wield the economic power in the land and can hold the country to ransom.
He finds that the administration's willingness to wield expansive formal powers led them to ignore threats to their informal political capital and authority, especially in the case of Iraq.
Despite the fact that his own work detailed the pernicious influence a government can wield through the manipulation of fiat money (money not backed by precious metals), he often discussed the ways in which the Federal Reserve should handle monetary policy.