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freshwater duck of Eurasia and northern Africa related to mallards and teals

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The Odds and Sods" team of Mutt, Jeff, Sydney, Rover, and Widgeon was harnessed later, but according to Taylor, as their name suggested, they:
represented by watercolours of teal on their nest and widgeon Rickman's tutor, George Edward Lodge (1860-1954), is represented by watercolours of teal on their nest and widgeon at the water's edge.
Surprisingly, something often does, as I found out one spring when Meade pointed out a Eurasian widgeon amongst a small flock of American widgeons and gadwalls in a pond near Lake Ontario.
But I'll also take them to Castle Espie in Co Down, now a four-star visitor attraction, and where there has been much recent rejoicing over the rare arrival of a spoonbill, not to mention 1,000 widgeon.
I've ridden on the Goose and on the Widgeon (another Grumann amphibious plane)," Boyette says.
The Prince had a black Labrador called Widgeon when he was a youngster.
Diet composition and feeding strategy of the southern pipefish Syngnathus folletti in a Widgeon grass bed of the Patos Lagoon Estuary RS.
We flew into Deadman Bay on a gorgeous 50-year-old Widgeon and taxied up to the cabin.
We've seen them take dead rabbits, sheep and swans but they are also hunting ducks over the loch, taking mallards, teal and the odd widgeon as well.
Bird', for example, is the word that encompasses all the things we think of as birds, everything from widgeon to albatross.
org desert straw streetwards (OED) dingnation innodating (W2) don't-care-ish achondrites easing powder spear widgeon (W2) Easter fire fire-eaters eddication dedication engine tamer engerminate (W2) English rail hell-raising (W3), narghillies (OED), raising hell (OED) false heart heartleafs farmer's oil Miraflores (an upscale district of Lima, Peru; en.
Other vulnerable birds include the endangered red knots and piping plovers that winter in coastal Florida, as well as the green-winged teal, the American widgeon and other dabbling ducks, loons, white-fronted geese, sandpipers, turnstones, and dowitchers.
Widgeon, Groundwork, Fields and Far Wood are not the titles that would be claimed by an unromantic city dweller.
There were vast rafts of loafing widgeon not a half a mile out to sea.