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Synonyms for wide-eyed

Synonyms for wide-eyed

exhibiting childlike simplicity and credulity

(used of eyes) fully open or extended


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Instead, as they came above the ship's side they paused, wide-eyed and terror stricken, and with cries of fear and consternation dropped precipitately back into the sea, shouting warnings to those who were about to scale the hull.
Spider bent, wide-eyed, toward the hand that was to decide his fate, for whatever luck was Clayton's on this last draw, the opposite would be Spider's.
Wide-eyed passengers, brought to life by Steve Gray's humorous cartoon-style characterizations, stare raptly at equally wide-eyed animals as the train winds along the tracks through diverging landscapes for one unforgettable ride.
Even if you were not going near him, if you moved something or there was any noise around him, he would go rigid in the cot and have this wide-eyed expression.
2 ( ANI ): Wide-eyed expressions, which typically signals fear, may enlarge our visual field and mutually enhance others' ability to locate threats, a new research has claimed.
They might be motoring their way through middle age, but Si and Dave still tell their adventure stories with the wide-eyed enthusiasm of young boys.
Looking wide-eyed, there were plenty of keepers to give them a welcoming cuddle - especially as big babies don't cry.
Elijah Wood is wide-eyed and innocent as hobbit Frodo.
Once the fresh-faced star of teen series The OC, Mischa, 23, looked bleary-eyed at London celebrity hangout Bungalow 8 on Thursday and then wide-eyed after a meal at Nobu on Friday night.
The 1950s fostered a new movement in mass-produced art, known as 'big eye', with artists from Margaret Keane to Mark Gleason producing wide-eyed characters to capture hearts and imaginations.
10 -- a time lord who has lived for thousands of years and travels around the universe looking for adventure -- Tennant has a similar wide-eyed appeal.
But wide-eyed Ziggy clearly doesn't feel the same way about me.
Nineteen-year-old Rachel Shepherd has seen enough of life's dark side that she is no wide-eyed innocent; when she observes evidence that Art, the close friend of her boyfriend Virgil, has committed a heinous crime, she must decide what to do next.
The real improvement arrives after the interval, by which time Al and Bet are doing their wide-eyed tourist bit in Paris and he is let loose on the Louvre, a restaurant, the Metro and a public convenience.