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mostly black African weaverbird

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A new artifact is coming to the Whydah Pirate Museum in Yarmouth, Massachusetts: a caboose stove, used on the pirate ship Whydah.
As a slaver, the Whydah also links to a broader Canadian narrative recently explored in the critically acclaimed CBC mini-series The Book of Negroes.
Bellamy was the wealthiest pirate in recorded history after capturing at least 53 ships before his death at the age of 28 during the Whydah sinking.
The Whydah was built as a slave ship in 1716 and captured in February 1717 by pirate captain "Black Sam'' Bellamy.
National Geographic: Pirates of the Whydah. www.nationalgeographic.
THE CLASSICAL AGE of piracy comes to life in "The Untold Story of the Whydah from Slave Ship to Pirate Ship," an interactive exhibition that has more than 200 artifacts on display, including everyday objects, personal items, and treasures from the first fully authenticated pirate ship ever to be discovered in U.S.
In 1705, the RAC factor at Whydah on the Slave Coast compiled "A List of Negro Provisions Supposed to be Best to be sent [from England] for 100 negroes." (38) The factor included "Brandy 30 gallons," but added "Rumm better and cheaper." It also included 112 pounds of tobacco and four gross of pipes for the slaves to smoke it.
between Cape de Verd and Benguela, particularly on the Gold Coast, Whydah, the Bight of Benin, and Angola, in order to your seizing such ships and vessels as may be liable thereto, under the authority of the acts ...
In which direction would you travel to get to the Titanic: from the Whydah Galley?
Hunley, the first submarine in history to sink an enemy ship; the USS Monitor, the first ironclad warship commissioned by the United States Navy; and the Whydah, North America's only known pirate shipwreck.
Vic Reeves presents a programme telling the story of the Whydah, a pirate ship that sank off Cape Cod in 1717.
features comedy star Vic Reeves and June Sarpong watching as marine archaeologists try to find the Whydah, a pirate ship said to have sunk off the coast of Cape Cod some 300 years ago.
The Whydah was a pirate vessel which sank off Cape Cod in 1717.