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the illegitimate offspring of unmarried parents

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Hal habitually greets him with epithets most illuminating: Falstaff is "fat-witted" (1.2.2), a "fat-kidney'd rascal" (2.2.5), a "whoreson round man" (2.4.141), a "tun of man" (2.4.448).
The old King turned on his son and seized him by the hair, calling him 'whoreson misbegotten boy' and tearing handfuls of his hair out.
M and R are at the top but N and B, those two nattering nabobs of negativity, are down at the bottom along with vile, violent and vitriolic V and the whoreson Z, that unnecessary letter.'
Humorously chiding Falstaff as "you whoreson tidy Bartholomew pig," we hear "you Orson," a sly tribute to the filmmaker's ego and art.
The Dutchman, who is called Nic Frog, is a linen draper and, by contrast with John Bull, is 'a cunning sly Whoreson, quite the reverse of John in many particulars; Covetous, Frugal; minded domestick affairs; would pine his belly to save his Pocket, never lost a Farthing to careless servants, or bad debtors'.
Pimp: The Story of My Life by Iceberg Slim and Whoreson: The Story of a Ghetto Pimp by Donald Goines were his "guilty pleasures." They were all the more exciting to read because they were often hard to come by.
The Earl of Lancaster he called Play actor, the Earl of Pembroke Joseph the Jew and the Duke of Gloucester, Whoreson.
But Miss Withycombe sensibly continues: 'The h is of course silent, but there is some danger of spelling pronunciation (already in use in U.S.A.), and the older spelling is to be preferred.' There is a real danger that Neill's insertion of the whoreson 'h' will prompt first-time student readers to sound that unnecessary letter.
black eyes black hair this thomas has a whoreson look to him, abandonment, a look which judges me, by what right, no right, i am a good man, i love my wife and daughter, i stand by the immutable laws of this land, i'm a populist, i voted for Ibj, i'm an intellectual, i voted for nixon, but this young man has a mission
We find opprobrious names such as "hairbrain", "jackenapys", "popeholynes", "blabbe", the more downright "whoreson" and" false knave", and phrases like "I beshrowe the[e]", "tourde in thy tethe" and "thou stinkest".
Why, sir, his hide is so tanned with his trade that a will keep out water a great while, and your water is a sore decayer of your whoreson dead body.
Edmund's evocation of New Comedy illuminates subsequent events and the curious opening scene where Gloucester nonchalantly introduces him as his "whoreson" (24), a stock term of abuse that, nevertheless, briefly conjures a distant meretrix.
He berates another as a 'whoreson beetle-headed, flap-eared knave!' for spilling his water (128)- He rages at Peter and 'the rascal cook' for burning his supper: 'You heedless joltheads I'll be with you straight' (133, 137-8)- In the most elaborate passage he berates the tailor for allegedly marring Katherina's dress- 'Thou flea, thou nit, thou winter-cricket, thou!' he begins, 'Away, thou rag, thou quantity, thou remnant!
So it appears to be the case with the whoreson rogue Falstaff.
When he finished the manuscript for what was to become Whoreson: The Story of a Ghetto Pimp, he submitted it to Holloway House, the same company that published Iceberg Slim.