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Synonyms for whoremonger

a prostitute's customer

a pimp who procures whores

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If only the godly discipline were practiced in all households, Lewis Bayly insisted in 1613, churches would be filled to capacity, the number of lawsuits would plummet, prisons would be empty, and the streets would be cleared of drunkards, swearers, whoremongers, and other undesirables.
And by scandal, the clerics "meant such notorious sinners as are mentioned in seuerall parts & places of Scripture w[hi]ch they specified & [such] as whoremongers, drunkards.
13: Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.
Another text cited in Warner's article is Richard Garbutt's One come from the Dead, to Awaken Drunkards and Whoremongers.
One Come from the Dead to Awaken Drunkards and Whoremongers.
Hitler followed a well-trodden path when he claimed in Mein Kampf that Jews were dirty, sexually depraved, whoremongers.
Like their Rappite predecessors, the Owenites faced antagonism from their neighbors, including a newspaper which, opposed to Owenite divorce and remarriage, called them "whores and whoremongers, .
Fox apparently didn't care for its inhabitants, allegedly haranguing them as "liars, drunkards, whoremongers and thieves, who follow filthy pleasure".
Between collecting pounds 700 a month in benefits and preaching death to Western whoremongers, Abu Izzadeen - last seen screaming abuse at the Home Secretary for daring to show his face in a Muslim neighbourhood - has found time to trawl the internet for a few extra wives.
A Sermon (London, 1624); Joseph Rigby, An Ingenious Poem, Called the Drunkards Prospective, or Burning-glass (London, 1656); Thomas Reeve, God's Plea for Ninevah: or, London's Precedent for Mercy (London, 1657); Richard Garbutt, One Come from the Dead, to Awaken Drunkards and Whoremongers (London, 1675?
And that they are all descended from the basest shower of hedonistic whoremongers this side of Sodom and Gomorrah.