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offering sexual intercourse for pay

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When the Lord first spoke to Hosea, the Lord said to Hosea, 'Go, get yourself a wife of whoredom and children of whoredom; for the land will stray from following the Lord' (Hos.
By contrast, the Duke's disguise in Measure is conventionally impenetrable, as is Mariana's substitution for Isabella during the bed trick, a feat more readily identifiable as whoredom than wearing the garments of the opposite sex.
and the Book of Ezekiel, written during the Babylonian Exile, also employ symbolic whoredom.
What she sees as an apt metaphor for her son's formidable strength and single-mindedness in battle, he with his reductive code of aristocratic "honesty" can interpret only as socioeconomic abasement, and with it, emasculation and whoredom.
All is well until he is told that Tamar is "with child by whoredom.
Drunkenness, Whoredom, Cursing, Swearing, bold and open Atheism,"
It is harsh in the world, whoredom rife - an axe age, a sword age - shields are riven - a wind age, a wolf age - before the world goes headlong.
But if a gringa is perceived to be lacking in her context-specific gendered performance, for instance, if she is perceived to be bestowing sexual favors on non-gringo men from the lower classes in colonized settings, she is subject to disciplinary gazes, imputations of whoredom or criminality from moral entrepreneurs.
Laurie Braaten suggests that "the call to accuse Land with the charge of whoredom is actually a rhetorical device employed to get the Israelites involved in pronouncing judgment on themselves as the true guilty party" ("Earth Community in Hosea 2," 190)
Burtuqalis Bey published his book "Prostitution and the Danger of Whoredom in Egypt" in 1907 in French.
Wherefore in Sorrow of heart, & sense of so great a sin & Evill against God & my own Soule, as Whoredom .
1727 In Conjugal Lewdness: or, Matrimonial Whoredom, Daniel Defoe compares contraception to infanticide.
Proud of her good looks and amatory skills she aspires to move up in--not out of--the world of whoredom.
These standards, first of sexual liberation and whoredom but leading into standards of moral comportment, knowledge, and social institutions, become the testing ground for the powerful female poetic persona who will go on to report on the damning history of force executed against youth, innocence, and vulnerability.