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offering sexual intercourse for pay

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By contrast, the Duke's disguise in Measure is conventionally impenetrable, as is Mariana's substitution for Isabella during the bed trick, a feat more readily identifiable as whoredom than wearing the garments of the opposite sex.
We live in a world with no morals, the world of pirates, the world of liars and hypocrites, the world of tyrant Bush, and the symbol of whoredom and obscenity Nicolas Sarkozy" he wrote.
Cranmer's chaplain, Thomas Becon, is thought to be the author of the eleventh homily, "Against Whoredom and Uncleanness," while Cranmer's inclusiveness is reflected in the fact that he invited a later opponent, Bishop Edmund Bonner, and his chaplain, John Harpsfield, to contribute "Of Christian Love and Charity" and "Of the Misery of all Mankind," respectively.
Eyes wide open," Taylor writes, "he enters a marriage that he foresees will be whoredom mixed with indifference.
I have seen the best poets and baseball players of our generation caught in the complete and contempt whoredom of capitalist society
Instead there are huge walls, detention camps, checkpoints, roadblocks, bypass roads, and mass incarceration-and a justice system that is worse than a house of whoredom.
Henry Fielding described the common lodging-houses in St Giles in 1751: 'If one considers the destruction of all morality, decency and modesty, the swearing, whoredom and drunkenness which is eternally carrying on in these houses on the one hand, and the excessive poverty and misery of most of the inhabitants on the other, it seems doubtful whether they are most the objects of detestation or compassion.
Previous efforts include The Early Arrival of Dreams, the author's experiences in China just before Tiananmen Square; The Singular Pilgrim, a spiritual travelogue; and Whoredom in Kimmage, a treatise on Irish gender roles.
It was widely believed that this punitive illness had been brought on by rampant promiscuity and the business of whoredom, and that the rotting bodies of the sick in the final stages of the disease were a reflection of their guilty souls.
The excitement over the early works of Joyce, Hemingway, Fitzgerald and others was now long past and the atmosphere of Montparnasse, for McAlmon at least, was suffused with boredom, whoredom and booze.
Surely, if the charms of whoredom wear thin, there is an easy recourse.
Although Kit is never accused of prostitution, nor even called a whore, she would nonetheless be recognizable to the late medieval/early modern audience as an appropriate object of the cultural discourse surrounding whoredom.
lubricity, wenching, whoredom, concubinage (in the sense of mistress), debauchee, trollop, phyrne, slut, street-walker, strumpet, trull, cyprian, courtezan, adulteress, bawd, jade, jezebel, delilah, bitch, aspasia, conciliatrix, bona roba, chere amie, whore, lorette, mackerell, mistress, procuress, punk, quean, rig, satyr, whore-monger, badnio, badhouse, brothel, bawdy house.
and a center for whoredom and immorality, fighting against God".
Again we find that if gays cannot be virgins, they're left with its opposite: whoredom.