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Synonyms for whoop

Synonyms for whoop

to speak or say very loudly or with a shout

Synonyms for whoop

a loud hooting cry of exultation or excitement

shout, as if with joy or enthusiasm

cough spasmodically


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However, the Whoop Amplifier Array provides reliable mobile reception to mid-sized buildings at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems.
Whoop Wireless provides mobile phone users and first responders ubiquitous wireless coverage by deploying the most cost effective in-building distributed antenna systems.
The adult version of pertussis rarely results in the telltale whoop that marks the disease in children.
The main symptoms are severe coughing fits which, in babies and children, are accompanied by the characteristic whoop sound as the child gasps for breath after coughing.
Ann-Margret, front left, Gary Sandy and the cast of ``The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas'' whoop it up at the Orange County Performing Arts Center.
The reason older kids and adults don't get the whoop is because their larynxes are bigger, so they have no problem drawing enough air in.
Children with pertussis often have episodes of rapid, spasmodic coughing followed by a characteristic intake of breath that sounds like a whoop.
When USC went up on the screen, the players let out a whoop, the smart ones being pleasantly surprised to be seeded sixth in the East region.
The main symptoms are severe coughing fits, accompanied by the characteristic whoop sound as the child gasps for breath.
About Whoop Design Co Whoop Design is a Minneapolis based creative services studio.