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hit with the hand


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beat overwhelmingly

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Facing a legitimate Final Four contender, the Ducks got whomped. And since that's the kind of team they'll need to beat to reach the Sweet 16, this now looks like a one-week season for Oregon.
As a student, she majored in painting, but she was pushed into ceramics, she has said, by an encounter with the California sculptor Viola Frey: "She took twenty-five pounds of clay, whomped it down on the wheel, and started throwing what was going to be the base of one of her fifteen-foot-tall sculptures." This conversion experience was clearly an experience of power--Butterly's own word for Frey is "macho"--yet she herself mostly works small: High Life (all works cited, 2013), the largest piece in her recent show, is something over eight inches high, while Dare is only four.
The Sox beat the Tigers at home, 5-0, on April 8, 2008, and whomped the Yankees, 8-1, on April 11, 2005.
"I'm the anxious type and I didn't want to surround myself with lots of things that remind me that I could really get whomped by this thing.
Oh sure, the Americans whomped poor little Granada to prevent its socialist hordes from attacking America, and they performed splendidly in Panama against their former partner Noriega (although the estimated three thousand killed would not think so).