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a United Nations agency to coordinate international health activities and to help governments improve health services

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The fact the person for whom the services are performed furnishes significant tools, materials and other equipment tends to show the existence of an employer-employee relationship.
In short, women are biologically disposed to develop maternal sentiments and suffer grievously if separated from any child whom they have raised for more than a few days.
Her story and that of other artists for whom the race barrier was impenetrable is one that must be told.
To me, Jesus was a mystery wrapped in enigmas, a faintly perceived historical figure about whom quite astonishing things had been written in the centuries since his death.
That grief is the more acute because it is mixed with family comedy, disappointments, old sorrows, and sharp criticism of the inadequacies of a depersonalized medicine: "On her medical record she officially became a treatment failure--not someone whom the treatment failed, but someone who had failed the treatment.
From time to time, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York has carefully considered possible changes in its approach to the selection of those entities with whom it will do business.
19-36 Months VOTE BY PHONE: Call 09012 294 051 and when prompted, enter the fourdigit code for whom you would like to vote.
Indeed, Sister Dorothy has many sisters and brothers: four other American women--Sisters Dorothy Kazel, Ita Ford, Maura Clarke, laywoman Jean Donovan--raped and killed in El Salvador in 1980 because of their work with the poor; a housekeeper and her daughter--Elba and Maricet Ramos--killed nearly 10 years later because they worked for the wrong Jesuits, six of whom were killed with them; thousands of others, their names forgotten or never known, parents and grandparents ground down with their children by injustice of every sort, Jesus' band of the forgotten and forsaken--the ones who stood by his cross, the ones who always end up sharing it.
To appreciate the importance of Auschwitz for the Poles, one must bear in mind that the 150,000 Polish victims, half of whom perished, constituted a larger number of civilian losses in this one place than the total civilian losses of most countries occupied by Nazi Germany.
Love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your soul and all your mind"--love God so much that by comparison it would be as if you hated those people to whom you are closest, those you honor, those you love.
LANCASTER - A 53-year-old homeless man faces a second trial in the death of a charity volunteer with whom he had pursued a romantic relationship, and whom he admitted choking after she rebuffed him.
To help make decisions about whom to test, researchers are working to identify groups of people that are likely to have high proportions of undiagnosed HIV cases.
The major commentators on whom Erasmus relied are also briefly discussed, and they are clearly visible as well from the index where they are referenced for each appearance (acknowledged or unacknowledged) in the text.
That means facing the lover (Seymour Cassell) with whom she had a daughter, long ago given up for adoption; the petulant gay son (Nick Stahl) who jealously resents even the little he knows of her freewheeling past; and, most poignant, the young attorney (Martha Plimpton) who's searching for the birth mother she'll likely never find.
What's important is that, even at their most extreme, Sherman's photographic impersonations can evoke a feeling that their subjects are people with whom we are familiar, and that even when they seem to employ simple stereotypes, the stereotypes are ones that people actively assume in their lives but can never really embody.