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Synonyms for whole-souled

with unconditional and enthusiastic devotion

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Persuading his father to advance the capital, he went into business and keen and successful business he made of it, devoting his afternoons whole-souled to it, while his partner devoted the mornings.
I am not a whole-souled admirer of womankind, as you are aware, Watson, but my experience of life has taught me that there are few wives, having any regard for their husbands, who would let any man's spoken word stand between them and that husband's dead body.
Douglas and Barker know the truth about the murder, and are conspiring to conceal it, then I can give you a whole-souled answer.
Both the voice and the personality have grown bigger since I first saw his Hamlet in London in 2003, and if the heady, pointed tones of a classic French baritone aren't his by birthright, he sings with an impressive command of French declamation and a whole-souled immersion in his multifaceted role.
You will become more sympathetic, more charitable toward others' weaknesses and failings, and you will grow more magnanimous and whole-souled.
Children are always looking for something to happen, something great and worthy of their whole-souled admiration.