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As an appendix to her study, Broomhall has compiled a valuable checklist of printed editions of French women's writings from 1485 to 1599, including not only whole works published by women, but also women's contributions to works by others.
'My perfect weekend would be to go to a spa with my mum and be totally pampered, with facials and manicures and the whole works.
"The shooting went fine, and it went on schedule and on budget and by the time we completed the film we were looking at something like $55,000 for the whole works, including all of our time for about eight months of work," says Davidson.
I was in the process of gathering my cattle when the USFS came in: automatic weapons, flack jackets, snipers -- the whole works -- as if we were dangerous criminals.
Sara, who fronts her own show on MTV as well as C5's Exclusive!, says: "I hope it will be this year, but we haven't decided whether we will run away or do the whole works.
Diskin thinks the formational approach as a whole works well because participation and enthusiasm are abundant, people linger at the end of sessions, it is always easy to find volunteers, and absenteeism has dramatically decreased.
The entire PHANToM package includes a small mechanical arm, an amplifier interface to run the arm, a port for a personal computer, and the software that controls the whole works. It looks like a desk lamp with an arm where the bulb normally goes.
In 1611 he published the entire Iliad, in 1615 the Odyssey, and in 1616 The Whole Works of Homer.
On the completed construction works contractor to provide a minimum of 3 years counted from the date of final acceptance of the whole works free of defects.
We'll show you a simple way to dry-fit the parts, scribe the arc and then glue the whole works together.
Following essays discussing Norman's life and politics and the themes and techniques of his paintings (which often remind one of the scale and concerns of Diego Rivera mixed with the surrealist vision of Salvador Dali), a wide selection of his paintings are reproduced in thematic sections labeled "The Capitalist Enigma," "The Social Illusion," "The Cycle of War," "The Urban Transformation," and "The Human Predicament." Because of the scale of Norman's paintings, details are frequently reproduced in addition to whole works. Appendices list a catalogue of Norman's works, exhibitions and collections, and reproductions.
It comes at a price (pounds 15.50 for the buffet, pounds 19.50 for the whole works) but we liked the choices.
"As a team, the whole works has made a conscious effort to improve sustainability, in the areas of the environment, social and economic issues."
Despite this, the book as a whole works and keeps the reader involved until the conclusion.