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any of the natural numbers (positive or negative) or zero

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In fact, the answer for the area of Rectangle C will also be a whole number, namely 20 [cm.
If the understanding of fractions is confined to the part-whole model, fractions are often regarded as a pair of whole numbers and promote whole number thinking.
48 yen for a 750-ml bottle, Mercian, Suntory and Sapporo plan to limit the actual rises to 10 yen flat by rounding off the figures to the nearest whole number, they added.
The whole number of bound copies of a work printed from a single setting of type or from plates made therefrom.
Students need to coordinate place value concepts with aspects of whole number and fraction knowledge.
The authors' primary goals were to design a feasible and usable intervention and gather data on the promise of the intervention to foster students' conceptual understanding of whole number concepts and skills and procedural fluency.
Fractional shares resulting from the reverse split that are one-half share or more will be increased to the next higher whole number of shares and all fractional shares that are less than one-half share will be decreased to the next lower whole number of shares.
2 : the whole number of copies of a book, magazine, or newspaper published at one time <the third edition>
Defence Minister John Spellar claimed the scheme did not "reflect reality" and added: "There are a whole number of options being considered.
If the number of shares held by a stockholder was less than the next higher whole number, the number of shares will be rounded up to the nearest whole number.
Declaration open international tender for the award of service for the award of transport public school students, primary and secondary education from their residence to their school unit and vice versa for all day operation of schools for the school year 2014-2015, for Regional Section of Zakynthos, with budget 1 589 897,21 EUR (1,589,000 ninety-seven eight hundred and thirty one cents) in including the option (20%) and three-month extension and VAT (13%), based award the bid with the highest discount rate in percent (%) to the nearest whole number.
lt;/p><p>Under the right offer, subscription rights will only be exercisable in whole numbers and the company will not issue fractional rights and will round all of the subscription rights down to the nearest whole number.
1 : the whole number of people living in a country, city, or area
Trissy When you have a whole number, like 346, the 3 is the hundreds column, the 4 is in the tens column, and the 6 is in the ones column, right?
Results from a large scale study of students' misconceptions of decimal notation (Steinle & Stacey, 2004) indicate many students treat decimals as another whole number to the right of the decimal point.