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a musical note having the longest time value (equal to four beats in common time)


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Each investor is entitled to half the number of warrants as the number of common shares that would be issued if the whole note is converted at US$5.
The city manager's recovery plan and the positive action taken since his arrival last August was a key factor in obtaining the order for the whole note issue from Wells Capital," explained Craig Walker, IFS Securities vice president, public finance.
Students will first begin by identifying which color M&Ms represent which notes: an eighth note, a quarter note, a half note, and a whole note (the pretzels will be the stems).
The note holder may elect to convert the whole note into 250,000 shares of Alpharel common stock at any time prior to repayment of the note.
Introduce the whole note, which gets four beats (counts), the half note, which gets two beats, and the quarter note, which gets one beat (see Figure 2).
The Bank of England deems a bank note to have been mutilated when it conforms to one of the following: one, the note is less in area than half the whole note or in the main four fragments; two, it doesn't contain the whole of the promissory clause.
We teach how to play a harmonica, the difference between a quarter, a half and a whole note, and we use all original music.
How do you know if it is a whole note or a sixteenth?
There are still many potential singers of this music who have difficulty associating a beat in moderate tempo with the appearance of a whole note ("semibreve" in British parlance) on the printed page.
In your left hand, play a whole note fifth with A as the lowest note, and repeat over and over (or alternate an A fifth with a G fifth).
On one side of the cards, use a dark marker to draw nine different, easy tied rhythms, like a quarter note tied to a half note or a dotted half note tied to a whole note.
The composer uses descriptive analogies such as, whole notes are "slow," like snails and "eighth notes go fast: they race
All at once, their throats, lacquered by love and passion, the birds burst forth in tweety tones, scales of half and whole notes that shattered the stillness of creation and taught the wind to whistle, the roses to waft sweet fragrances heavenward, the snake to slither, the humans to copulate in washes of birdsong.