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a word that names the whole of which a given word is a part


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If you enjoy this project, why not try making your whole name, or 'Mr & Mrs'?
Sometimes I wished I could go back to the time when my biggest problems were just writing my whole name and tying my shoelaces.
This use of my whole name invariably signaled some atrocity I had unknowingly committed for which I was to receive corporal punishment, thus "nulling and voiding" my youthful intentions.
There are other girls named Tanya in our class too, so they made sure to write my whole name.
I won't reveal his whole name because I plan to make fun of him and he's a private citizen, as opposed to a public figure like, say, Mr.
Rather than simply dumping the whole name field into the salutation to all their customers, they could have done a little file cleanup work and used one of these better choices:
According to the municipality, Dilma was named after her since her whole name is Dilma Vana Rousseff.
Legally, a representative does not need to give you their whole name or their ID number due to CPNI regulations.
I signed for my house in that name and opened bank accounts and it was only later I really saw the whole name as Rose Bush.
For example, you can combine first and last name fields to use someone's whole name, or you can combine city, state, and zip code fields to create a line for mailing labels.
When you can write your whole name, you'll get a gold star.
It's not even your whole name, just the first part of your name.
The whole name of the game is who will be the next president.
Nguyen: The whole name concept of the diet started as sort of a joke, because there was the Atkins diet, and others named after people.