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tortilla with meat filling baked in tomato sauce seasoned with chili

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Boyd's favorite, inelegant phrase for defeating one of his many opponents in the Pentagon was "giving him the whole enchilada right up the poop chute" That is what history will shortly give this country if we continue to allow closed systems to lead us.
And for those that want the whole enchilada, the Gigabit Ethernet + TV option for $120/month, Google offers a plethora of channels to choose from with a two-year contract, a storage box for DVR, a network box to support Wi-Fi and Ethernet fiber optics, 1 TB of space in Google Drive, and Google also throws in its new $199 Nexus 7 tablet absolutely free, which is the new remote control for TVs running Google Fiber.
So, before you plug in and on, get the whole enchilada on PDISE by checking out TM 9-6150-226-13, Operator, Unit and Direct Support Maintenance Manual for Distribution Illumination Systems, Electrical (DISE) and Power Distribution Illumination Systems, Electrical (PDISE) (Nov 08).
He also isn't likely to be interested unless the whole enchilada -- Dodgers, Dodger Stadium, parking revenues, and land around the ballpark -- are in the mix.
Finally, I Would Pass the John Edwards Whole Enchilada Felony
The number of issues involved not in just reprogramming the cell, but in producing ultimately what they have to do to produce synthetic life--you have to produce the whole enchilada.
After all, we boomers were told that we could have the whole enchilada, and we still want it.
The Whole Enchilada (2 hours) In the old museum, you had to know what you were looking for to find it, Tetreault says.
Remember that a visual aid is just a helper and not the whole enchilada. Develop a strong oral presentation that uses a visual aid to add punch to the message.
Are we responsible for just the appetizer looking at that liver biopsy or are we responsible for the whole enchilada? We are responsible for the whole enchilada--all the data on this patient that can help us put together a comprehensive report that becomes useful information for directing patient care.
Wonder how long it will take for one of them to pull a prank about it, and the whole enchilada falls apart on them in an ugly way."
Everyone wants to differentiate themselves with closed architecture and they want the whole enchilada.
Is it an illusion, no more than the ramblings in an idiot's dream?" That self-reflexive sense of uncertainty--that mad-crazy feeling that the putative author has somehow slapped together reality, imagination, dream and memory, then wrapped up the whole enchilada as innovative drama--throbs at the heart of this Chinese dissident's one-of-a-kind plays.
McCoist is supposedly being groomed by Walter Smith to inherit the whole enchilada. He's back to being the life and soul of the club.