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blood that has not been modified except for the addition of an anticoagulant

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Effect of temperature and duration of storage on whole blood hydroxyurea concentrations measured from dried blood collected using DMPK-C cards and VAMS devices at different concentrations.
While FDP was first fielded by US Forces in World War II and used as a bridge to whole blood transfusion, reintroduction of such a product to the clinical armamentarium requires FDA approval.
There is no quick and reliable way to determine whether hemolysis is present in whole blood specimens.
One must be aware of the fluid being used in a particular laboratory, ie, venous whole blood, capillary whole blood, or plasma for determination of glucose levels.
About 20 mL diluted whole blood was equally assigned into 16 wells (1.25 mL/well) and the other 5 mL were used as the uncultured and un-stimulated control.
(r= -0.714, -0.732, -0.874, and -0.778, -0.869, -0.696 respectively for CPDA-1 RBC, SAGM RBC and whole blood respectively, P<0.005).
Analyzing patients' whole blood samples via microarrays without resorting to the new algorithm, the investigators couldn't distinguish any gene-expression pattern differences between the two patient groups.
Nearly 80,000 pints of whole blood were put into soldiers in the Mediterranean, none of it from the States.
The investigators obtained samples of plasma and whole blood during each trimester and umbilical cord blood at delivery.
USING RECONSTITUTED BLOOD--packed red cells and freshfrozen plasma that are mixed in the operating room--for heart bypass surgery in infants works better than using fresh whole blood, according to researchers at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas and Children's Medical Center, Dallas.
Researchers at Motorola Labs in Tempe, Ariz., have created a miniature diagnostic lab that can detect specific disease-linked genes in a small sample of whole blood.
Unlike whole blood, platelets have a short shelf life of just five days so there is a constant need for more donations to satisfy hospital demand.
The donor center has already brought in hundreds of whole blood donations and platelet donations since opening in early December.
Platelet gel, a concentration of platelet-rich plasma derived from whole blood, has been anecdotally reported by Timothy Hannon, MD, (oral communication, February 1997) to expedite the healing process.