whizz along

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move along very quickly

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WHIZZ ALONG A CHARITY for children hopes to raise funds with a stall in The MetroCentre.
After the explosive start clears your sinuses, you whizz along the rest of the ride at a more sedate 60mph.
Rounds 5 and 6 of this spectacular championship will see the inflatable catamarans whizz along the Mersey.
You can get to the event of your choice, stress–free, and enjoy our beautiful city as you whizz along with the wind in your hair and the sun (hopefully) on your face.
0-litre engine designed by Claude Hill, which enabled the road car to develop 90bhp and whizz along at 96mph.
I find it disgusting how motorists whizz along and totally disregard his presence, often almost knocking him down in their haste to get to work.
BlackBerry this week made a Bold move - that's the nickname for their new BlackBerry 9000 smartphone, which will whizz along on the high-speed, HSDPA networks springing up around the world.
The council can make main shopping streets Red Routes for bendy buses to whizz along past the empty shops.
Out on the open road, however, the car can fairly whizz along and as you become more familiar with its quirks and boat-like driving position the little Rover grows on you.
The adventurous bears were able to whizz along on a specially-constructed zipwire in the grounds.
As the kids whizz along, they might want to be the next Bradley Wiggins or Victoria Pendleton
Cars fitted with expensive stability, anti-crash and anti-skid gadgets are restricted to 70mph, but low-tech trains with yesterday's technology are allowed to whizz along at considerably faster speeds.
Rory and Lori both made a beeline for the Jelly Village, where children can choose a vehicle and whizz along a painted roadway, stopping at cut- out garages and shops.
Failing that you could whizz along to your local branch of Woolies, where a similar item will set you back pounds 4.
Pupils at The Dassett Primary School, in Fenny Compton, near Southam, played tug-of-war and made balloons whizz along bits of string during a fun lesson held by Rolls-Royce employees on a management course.