whittle down

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cut away in small pieces

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The panel are continuing to whittle down the entries at various locations after beginning their search in Manchester.
And then there are some habitual practices that can help whittle down your debt.
The Education Secretary Charles Clarke wants to introduce a new school certificate to measure pupils' capabilities in all subjects before they whittle down which ones they will study for their GCSEs.
5 billion in sales last year from the Kmart pact, said it is beginning to whittle down inventory in its distribution network that relates to the Kmart contract.
Johnny Murtagh rode the first two to whittle down Pat Smullen's title lead to one, but he picked the wrong horse in the Listed Denny Cordell Lavarack Memorial.
But they still retain a key role in the initial stages of the contest, with the power to whittle down the field of candidates to just two, who go forward into the closing round.
Johnson, Arthur, and Ford) and those monarchs who seized the crown through means other than inheritance (William I, Stephen, Henry IV, Edward IV, Richard III, Henry VII, and William III), one can whittle down a list of roughly 34 leaders for each nation.
The sell off of federally owned Furnas is a part of a massive privatization schedule that, if it actually happens, should recharge investor interest in the country and help whittle down the nation's huge domestic debt.