whittle away

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cut away in small pieces

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Students in the industrial arts program at Ovid-Elsie High School in Elsie, MI do more than whittle away their time in the classroom.
Vale came back with a marked determination to whittle away the Wizards' lead and Scott Headington's try four minutes from the end was the signal for a frantic finale.
and subsequently to May's family porch in May 1943, Raleigh and May wage an exquisitely poignant war of miscommunication, recrimination and angst as they slowly whittle away all options in their lives except each other.
Large Transactions, Minimal Space Returns Whittle Away at Availability
als Zeichner exhibition in Berlin of 1975 continued to whittle away at the core opus, while at the same time enriching our understanding of drawings by his Netherlandish contemporaries.
The European Union and Southeast Asian countries took the first step towards a far-reaching free trade agreement on April 4 by agreeing to a scheme to whittle away barriers to two-way trade.
According to an interview with Mexico City daily Reforma, Slim lam-basted the lobbying efforts of rivals Alestra, Avantel and Axtel to bring about changes to local telecom laws, branding them instead a blatant effort to whittle away Telmex's market share.
Frankly, open governance up to the views of the average member and whittle away the top-down hierarchal structure.