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Again, if there's year-round water, there will be whitetails.
That said, we try to deliver additional whitetail content in key months like November.
If he's to be the Whitetails columnist, it would be better if he presented data 99 percent of deer hunters can relate to.
Enhanced with a six part Reference Section: B&C Whitetail Records and Distribution; Field Photo Tips; Suggested Reading; Wildlife/Hunting Organizations; About the Authors; and Acknowledgements, "Boone and Crockett Club's Complete Guide to Hunting Whitetails: Deer Hunting Tips Guaranteed to Improve Your Success in the Field" is an ideal addition to any personal or community library Hunting/Fishing reference collection.
NASDAQ: AMSWA) subsidiary NGC Software said that Legendary Whitetails has selected NGC's PLM, supply chain management (SCM) and raw materials management software.
He will work with key retailers in the Midwest as Sitka continues to increase its presence among whitetail hunters.
The federal government's recent decision to remove Columbian whitetail from the Endangered Species List, however, opens the door to an eventual resumption of hunting.
If you are worried about duplication, don't be: Less than a handful of the deer chronicled in the 220-page coffee-table-formatted ``Legendary Whitetails'' also appear in ``World Record Whitetails,'' according to Morris, who co-edited both titles.
They show whitetails in a wide range of habitats from swamp and semi-desert to farms and woodlands.
Compelling Documentary Reveals Dale's Passion for Hunting Trophy Whitetails
Few of these publications cover whitetails in depth, but when the sweet spot of deer season arrives, they go all out to address what they figure the bulk of sportsmen are most interested in at the moment.
We've all seen mature whitetails do things that defy the accepted notion that animals can't reason.
As the "rookie" Whitetails columnist, I welcome your questions, comments and criticism with open arms.
Of all the states in the union, some parts of Virginia (including Fairfax County and Prince William County) likely pack more whitetails per acre than anywhere in the world.
Amazing Whitetails, by Mike Biggs, 192 pages, Mike Biggs Photography, P.