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She said, the message is being disseminated under School Focused Programme for public awareness about negative affects of tea whitener and impure milk.
Hearing a suo motu case, the CJP said that injections given to cows and buffaloes lead to diseases like cancer in children and adults consuming the milk and ordered companies producing tea whiteners to state on the packaging that their product is not a substitute for milk.
When your credit card is stolen or your bank credentials are compromised, notifications to the victims are often triggered, and there are consumer protections provided under the Fair Credit Billing Act," Whitener said.
The market size and forecasts provided in this report is calculated based on revenue generated from retail sales of dairy whitener products.
Substance or drug abuse has been quite prevalent in government- and civic agency- run schools, thanks to the easy and cheap access students enjoy to addictive substances such as whitener and nailpolish remover ( thinner).
Whitener takes pride in having helped move KCB to the Todd Bolender Center for Dance & Creativity.
AUI) has hired a new marketing representative, Mel Whitener, for the North Carolina territory.
Smiling Jack Layton now has 103 reasons to stock up on teeth whitener.
Nestle is doing its bit to boost the energy levels of the nation's youth with the launch of Nescafe Original 3in1, a pre-mixed blend of coffee, whitener and sugar aimed at the "hassle-free" generation.
The web site offered a free trial; in fact, it recommended two free trials of two whitener products.
It's everything from consulting to products to do it in-house to managed services and outsourcing," says Chris Whitener, chief strategist for HP Secure Advantage.
lt;p>"We now have thousands of combined HP and EDS customers in the public sector, for instance, that we didn't have before," Whitener points out.
Washington, Sept 29 (ANI): Cheryl Cole has joked that she is planning to gift teeth whitener to Simon Cowell on his 50th birthday.
STUNNED Tory Michael Fabricant was nicked by soldiers in Colombia after they found white powder in his bags - coffee whitener.
Award-winning reader Whitener receives three mighty huzzahs for his stirring performance.