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minnows or other small fresh- or saltwater fish (especially herring)

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the edible young of especially herrings and sprats and smelts

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The waiter, who offered exemplary service all evening, suggested we trim down our order by a dish so, being the gentleman, I cancelled my whitebait.
"Whitebait is scamp crack," jokes veteran Gult angler Randy Rochelle.
I fancied the Yam Pla Grob - spicy whitebait salad with chilli and lime - but Matthew was less impressed by the idea of eating whole fish, and pulled a suitably repulsed face to prove it.
He hasn't wasted any time bringing some new flourishes to the specials board, including whitebait and chips.
These were beautiful crisp rings of deep fried calamari, deliciously salty whitebait and prawns in chilli sauce, ranging in price from pounds 2.99 to pounds 5.95.
The breakfast menu features breakfast rolls as well as full fry-ups while the lunch menu does snacks such as whitebait with mayo all the way up to chunky burgers at pounds 7.95.
It's competent, homely stuff, too, just the thing for the time of year with its mix of the old-fashioned tradition (a starter of whitebait or main course of breaded scampi) and hearty - Warwickshire scrumpy beef and tomato casserole or horseshoe gammon, here served with a choice of peaches or eggs.
OK TO EAT Anchovy, Arctic char, farmed seabass, bream, cockle, Atlantic cod, coley, crab dab, haddock, farmed halibut, Atlantic herring, mussels, farmed prawns (king and tiger), sardine, European pilchard, skipjack tuna, red salmon, lemon sole, Dover sole, rainbow trout, turbot, whiting AVOID Eel, grey mullet, ling, Greenland halibut, mackerel, marlin, bluefin tuna, langoustine, plaice, shark, common skate, sole, sturgeon, swordfish, whitebait
Hordes of pinfish, pigfish and grass porgies have been all over the vast grassflats here since May, and large whitebait pods have provided easy fodder for pelagics like Spanish mackerel and bluefish.
You will need 300g whitebait; ' teaspoon chilli powder; ' teaspoon cayenne pepper; ' teaspoon ground turmeric; some oil for deep frying.
It also came in generous quantities - as had my starter of whitebait and so we shunned tasty-looking desserts to share an interesting cheese selection of Cornish Yarg, Somerset Brie and Oxford Blue with oatcakes and grapes.
Soya beans, tofu and fish where you eat the bones (such as sardines, whitebait and pilchards) are other good sources.
The boyfriend chose whitebait (pounds 3.95), a jalapeno pepper dish (pounds 3.75) and honey chicken (pounds 4.95).
A big selection of hot and cold starters or mezze includes fried whitebait, calamari, tzatsiki and grilled halloumi cheese.
I am funny about whitebait (pounds 4.20) - those heads, those eyes, those tails!