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of or belonging to or representative of the white middle class

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After delivering an articulate Q&A, director Ernest Dickerson introduced this enter-mining chronicle of an African-American, upper-middle-class family, headed by the wonderful Whoopi Goldberg, growing up in the white-bread suburbs of the 1970s.
Rockwell is a beneficiary of that moment, but a paradoxical one, being, for many, a glamorizer of the most parochial, conventional, white-bread side of American life.
The year's most notable fiasco followed the attempt of city authorities to replace the long-cherished white-bread breakfast roll with a standard loaf, produced from equal portions of wheat and rye.
And while he's not likely to give yet another fiery performance of cross-gender appeal at the 2001 ceremony--as he did in 1999 and 2000--he has been seen on national TV at such white-bread events as a January 27 pre-Super Bowl special and, nine days earlier, as part of the celebration of the inauguration of President George W.
The vase Wolfgang Tillmans, 1995, stands in for the photographer through a sprayed application that smacks of a wax-batik aesthetic but also conveys the white-bread atmosphere of Tillmans' Kirchetag photos of church youth groups; Jorge Pardo, 1995, has been given an impeccably minimal design, in colors close to those Pardo uses; the dark reflecting surface of Sharon Lockhart, 1995, seems as mysterious as that artist's photos.