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a woman who is White

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OLAKUNLE Churchill, the estranged husband of Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh has found love in the bosom of a white woman.
A white woman was recorded calling an employee of Taco Bell - chain of fast-food restaurants based in Irvine, California, - racist for not letting her order French fries. The incident took place at the restaurant in Oakland, Florida.
Phelan's overtly racist views are not surprising as she is a middle-aged white woman living in Mississippi, in the 1960s.
"Why does a white woman's sisterhood, her self-reclamation, her celebration, have to happen on Arab women's backs?"
Sebastian Barry's White Woman Street, first produced in 1992, is concerned about the prime years of an Irish protagonist in the wilds of Ohio at the turn of the twentieth century.
London, Jan 14 ( ANI ): Halle Berry, the black American actress, is playing the role of a white woman in the upcoming film based on the novel Cloud Atlas.
These statistics are especially depressing because slightly more than three decades ago, black women earned 96 cents for every dollar earned by a white woman. Between 1975 and 2000, the median earnings of white women grew by 32 percent while the median earnings of black women grew by only 22 percent.
In 1955, 13 year old Emmett Till from Chicago was visiting relatives in Mississippi when he was beat to death for allegedly whistling at a white woman. An all-white jury acquitted two white men of this gruesome murder and about a month later, they were paid to tell their story of how they killed this innocent black boy, and they did just that.
7 Breast Cancer Symposium in California found that black women are more likely than white woman to have a form of aggressive, difficult-to-treat breast cancer and are more likely than white women to die from breast cancer.
Soon, I fell in love with a white woman, one who was full of the kindness and love that reminded me of my mother.
For no other reason than being the descendant of a white woman who was given control and custody of four Aboriginal women under a genocidal and oppressive government policy, I not only found I was the "keeper" of their stories, but that I had a significant degree of control over their re-telling (p.
Since no white woman would travel with a male slave, Ellen had to pretend that she was a man.
WHEN SOJOURNER TRUTH GOT UP BEFORE THE 1851 Women's Convention and cried out, "Ain't I a woman?" the former slave and mother of 13 demanded the same rights granted every white man and claimed by every white woman and man of color.
(5) In these 'Chinese' spaces, White women encountered and interacted with Chinese men; physical proximity to, or contact with Chinese men could, however, be dangerous to the reputation of a White woman. If a working-class White woman regularly mixed with Chinese men; that is, if she 'crossed the racial line' (6) in the context of her work or her social life, she risked her place in the White community.