white wolf

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wolf of Arctic North America having white fur and a black-tipped tail

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White Wolf is a private investment firm that began operations in late 2011 and is focused on management buyouts, recapitalisations and investments in leading middle market companies.
"White Wolf" Chang brushed off the violence by saying "That shows everyone's enthusiasm," according to the report.
Louise Fitzsimmons, owner White Wolf Yoga , said: "We launched 'go green' in White Wolf which means that we go the extra mile to ensure that everything we do is as considerate of the environment as possible.
While being a consistently entertaining, 'stand alone' read by itself and serving as an excellent introduction to the fantasy world that Michael Moorcock has created, dedicated fans will also want to read the other titles in this outstanding 'Elric of Melnibone' series: Elric of Melnibone (9781782762881, $22.99 HC, $13.70 Digital); The Sailor on the Seas of Fate (9781782762898, $22.99 HC, $14.04 Digital); The Dreaming City (9781785853340, $14.99 HC, $9.99 Digital); The Weird of the White Wolf (978-1782762904, $24.99 HC, $17.99 Digital).
Before working in Napa, Hall worked at the Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite and managed May Lake High Sierra Camp, White Wolf Lodge and Yosemite Lodge.
The residents remaining in his neighborhood of al-Shaar, directed us readily to the man known around there as the 'white wolf' because of his silver mane of hair.
Jewel Moonias for her essay on a real encounter with a rare and injured white wolf.
White Wolf, a private investment firm, announces its acquisition of Stag Arms.
Free workshops for people of all ages were led by professional artists Daisy White Wolf and Murray Somerville in a bid to celebrate the creativity and diversity of the Foleshill community.
Joe Wright, director of Hanna, bleached Saoirse Ronan's eyebrows to try and mimic the physicality o mic lity similar to a white wolf.
I got a little white wolf cub for my birthday, had him till he was 15."
"A white wolf is like a black wolf: Each is a treacherous hunter," said Hussein Abdallah, 85, as he rode with on a donkey cart in Gaza, surrounded by five grandchildren.
Over the course of two episodes and two filming stints, he reunites with his white wolf family as they try to raise their pups and prepare for winter, walking with them as they hunt lemmings, muskox and hares and encounter a rival pack.
Victoria Secord, a 14-year-old Alaskan dogsled racer, is determined to qualify for the famed White Wolf Classic.