white whale

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small northern whale that is white when adult

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Yet in fact Nickerson is mistaken, because the film isn't the story of these two men -- indeed their relationship becomes increasingly sketchy and superfluous, especially in the second half as we start to hear of "that demon", the white whale.
While anchoring at Ecuador, they meet the captain of a doomed Spanish whaling ship who tells about an abundance of whales in the South Pacific, but warns them about a monstrous white whale that wrecked his ship.
Steve said: "As I walked down to the beach, somebody told me that a white whale had been spotted out there.
This car is to a 1970s auto enthusiast what the Great White Whale is to mariners.
White Whale Ale is "infused with the seafaring spirit of Moby-Dick.
The "talking" white whale, whose name was NOC, was a male and lived for 30 years at the National Marine Mammal Foundation in San Diego, California, until his death in 2007.
Those unusually familiar sounds were traced back to one white whale in particular only some time later when a diver surfaced from the whale enclosure to ask his colleagues an odd question: "Who told me to get out?
Umm Al Quwain: The hearing in the case against the owner of the White Whale ship, which sunk in UAE waters last year, has been adjourned to give more time for the owner to answer Ministry of Environment questions.
Summary: The Umm Al Quwain Criminal Court has ordered to arrest and bring to court the Arab owner of the ship, White Whale, A.
He said the vessel was chartered to Ukraine-based White Whale Shipping, and was carrying pumps and similar equipment.
Everyone on the Pequod is killed by the white whale except Ishmael, who survives to tell the story.
According to early reports, the vessel White Whale is carrying 450 tons of diesel and is sitting in 35m of water off the UAQ coast.
WAM says the crew of the ship, the White Whale, was rescued.
The last long paragraph of "Moby Dick" may or may not stand in for her own healthy anger over how the disabled have been treated throughout history, expressing some feelings about a topic that may be her own white whale.