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Ratliff s fear of the Snopeses reveals their prevailing animosity toward white trash. Lastly, I will analyze how Flem Snopes's movement toward "respectability" is dependent upon his own understanding of Jefferson's racist and classist mindset, as he adopts the mentality that the poor white trash family from which he arose has no place in the "civilized" world of the town.
Wray's analysis centers on what he calls "stigmatypes." He uses the term to refer to stereotypes or boundary terms, such as "poor white trash," that negatively characterized particular groups.
"And why would I use the word white trash? It's an absurd Americanism rarely used as a descriptive word for white people in this country."
His researches may not have led him to that one particular Southern usage which may best describe Clinton's background and moral characer: 'p.w.t.' or 'poor white trash'.
He heard from Japanese Americans bothered when Joe Piscopo's Sinatra used a slur, from Central Europeans outraged by Steve Martin and Dan Aykroyd's Czech Brothers, and from one pale fellow exercised by Great Moments in the History of White Trash.
Isabelle Odam-Jones, who arrived at Shingwauk in 1933 from the Oka reserve near Montreal, was called "white trash" by fellow students since she is of mixed race and lightskinned.
Style: Trailer park white trash, novelty act, high-kicking party ``girl'' and high priestess of bad taste.
Kilpatrick's 'Undercover White Trash' was second in the Humour category.
I AM writing to comment on George Tyndale's article in the Mercury in which he said the Bulger killers were being let out into the 'white trash' community.
Park Kerr, part owner of the El Paso Chile Company, a ninth generation Texan, and "white trash" by his own admission, is as vivacious as the spirit he so loves.
In the eyes of black America, Clinton is Pimping Sam gone white trash, or Shine holding court in the White House.
The irony involved in the text's status as that which has been "trashed" by critics, from its publication up until very recent analyses, establishes an historical context which extends over the text's writing of the moody, "white trash" heroine Arvay (Henson) Meserve.
8 Richard Prince (Barbara Gladstone Gallery, New York; MAK Center for Art and Architecture, Schindler House, Los Angeles) At Barbara Gladstone, autographed celebrity photos in hulking Cor-Ten steel frames, suggesting the presentational strategies of the '80s, now apparently renascent; in Los Angeles, images of upstate New York white trash and their environs, elegantly installed in this temple of slightly ragged yet unimpeachably high modernist design.
The play, written by gay writer Terrence McNally, has Jesus born to a white trash Texan mother given to lewd language.
The film, a 75-minute faux documentary about a couple of white trash pest-removal experts, was made--amazingly enough--for less than $10,000 on digital video in black-and-white.