white thistle

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any plant of the genus Argemone having large white or yellow flowers and prickly leaves and stems and pods

spiny shrub with silvery-scurfy foliage of alkaline plains of southwestern United States and Mexico

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Mackay, who qualifies to wear the white thistle through a granny born north of the border, will be named in the 22- strong Scotland squad tomorrow at Tynecastle for the forthcoming Lincoln Rugby League World Cup.
Step forward Taity - who will be the first ex-rugby league man to wear the union's white thistle of Scotland.
It was revealed yesterday that the man rated world's best winger in union or league is qualified to wear the white thistle, his mum being born in Glasgow.
Robinson, rated the best rugby winger in the world, was born in Yorkshire but qualifies to wear the white thistle through his Glasgow-born mother.
He explained: "It doesn't take a cap to get us motivated - simply wearing the dark blue jersey with its white thistle badge is enough for that.
"We've even cut the price of our White Thistle Ale to just 88p a pint."