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the common stork of Europe

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5 m pre-stressed concrete poles type e (hereinafter: "pillars") together with nesting platforms, Intended for the nest of a white stork and nesting boxes for a type birds at each pole ; 2) delivery of 4 pieces of wooden nesting platforms intended for nest of white stork, Mounted on a double pole from poles, For mounting on roofs; 3) supply of 99 pieces of protection to roofs and chimneys, Protecting old and conflicting locations from rebuilding nests by storks; 4) circumstances in which the reduction of the scope of the order will be allowed are described in the form of the contract; 5) the ordering party reserves the right to exercise the option right referred to in art.
Kaluga's passion for the white stork even recently took him to Lebanon.
White storks are among a growing number of migratory species that have changed their behavior due to human influences and global environmental change.
A legend from European folklore has it that the white stork brought babies to parents in a basket on their backs or in their beaks.
Oriental white stork foraging habitats varied in different months and gradually shifted from shallow water to grassland.
Last September, the British Daily Mail reported that a white stork called Menes was caught in Qena, Egypt and held by authorities on suspicion of being used to spy for Israel, due to the tracking device attached to its leg.
The birds, too, were brilliant - azure and gold bee-eaters, pink hoopoes, yellow griffon vultures, huge eagles, blue rock thrushes and, standing on a pylon, a stately black and white stork.
These migrants include the White Stork, which has the helpful tendency for the observer of circling slow and low in the sky.
The unmanned rocket, named Kounotori2 or White Stork, blasted off in the early hours of Saturday morning.
Today we want to introduce you to two things that will, if practiced with regularity, give you the energy you had 10 years ago: a "Slow-Down "Workout" that includes stepping over the fence and white stork kicks up (fun exercises) and a little about longevity foods.
The white stork was spotted at Northumberland Wildlife Trust's Big Waters reserve and may be the same bird seen near Rothbury, Northumberland, last week.
KEY WORDS: Aznalcollar, corticosterone, free-living birds, handling-restraint protocol, lead, metal pollution, stress response, thyroxine, triiodothyronine, white stork.
The white stork, which has died out in Japan, survives in Korea.
Przemek Chylarecki, President of BirdLife Poland (OTOP) warned: "Currently in Poland, we have a large number of European bird populations including white stork, grey partridge and lapwing - over one-fifth of European population for these species.
The white stork became Lithuania's national bird and Spanish and Ukrainian proverbs state that it brings good luck.