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The sweet potato stores energy in a modified root (unlike white potato, which stores energy in a modified stem).
Once the white potato genome is sequenced, researchers say it will become easier to identify genes in native and wild species of potatoes, which come in 5,000 varieties.
One early ethnographer succinctly summarized the transfer of sweet potato techniques to white potato as "the one being a duplicate of the other.
Compared to last month's monitoring, PSA-BAS reported from P10 to P30 increase for certain items such a fish (Galunggong) P140 from P120, tomato P50 from P40, white potato P60 from P50, eggplant P70 from P40 and calamansi P50 from P30.
The result is a tiny (15-70mm diameter) bright white potato, creamy in texture and so fine-skinned that the first crop harvested in May in its purest earth-covered form, to keep its delicate skin intact.
Improvements in cooking oils, coatings, preparation methods and processing technologies are enhancing the nutritional profile of the white potato in all forms, making an already healthy package even healthier.
Believe it or not, even a white potato tastes better when some of its sugar develops.
Ounce-for-ounce, however, it has no more calories than the white potato and is a rich source of vitamins A and C.
Actually, a sweet potato has no more calories by weight than a white potato.
Remove the skins from the potatoes and any eyes or black marks, leaving just the white potato 4.
Our study shows that the white potato is a particularly nutrient-rich vegetable that significantly increases potassium intake among adults, teens and children.