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a poplar that is widely cultivated in the United States

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Huge blue cedars struggle with two highly distinctive monkey puzzle trees (araucaria araucana), thought to be more than 150-years-old, to draw the eye through a maze of colour and texture provided by the less imposing magnolia trees, white poplars (populus alba), beautifully manicured oaks and horse chestnut trees.
There are pines,cypresses and cedars,lime trees and white poplars, tasteful sculptures and fountains on the main staircases and the upper pond.
You may find more difficulties if you are trying to remove cherry trees,elms, white poplars and robinias, which are prone to producing suckers along the lengths of the remaining roots.
They are usually divided into groups, which include balsams, white poplars, aspens and black poplars.
I have to tell you that we have been enjoying an amazingly beautiful spring here and have been eating our meagre bait under the White Poplars on the lawn.