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large American pelican

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Continued surveillance of American white pelican colonies is useful for assessing long-term effects of WNV in colonies and in populations in the northern plains and upper Midwest region of the United States.
Other birds that value this wildlife paradise are the Clapper Rail, the Common Loon, the American Oystercatcher, the Seaside Sparrow, the brown and white pelicans, Peregrine Falcons, and the beautiful Cedar Waxwings.
Transylvania, the spiritual home of Dracula, includes the spectacular Carpathian Mountains' Maramures has a thriving peasant culture and wooden churches in a region deemed a UNESCO World Heritage site' Moldavia has its mystical folklore and medieval monasteries' and the Danube Delta includes Europe's largest white pelican colonies and is a famous migration hub for thousands of other birds.
The Eastern White pelican struggled with the frantic pigeon in its beak for more than 20 minutes before swallowing it whole.
The great white pelican was snapped by Stockton dentist Brian Clasper near Saltholme Pools, Port Clarence.
He lists such long-defunct journals as Journal of Canadian Fiction and White Pelican as if they were still running, and he omits such important journals as Preview, TISH, and Journal of Canadian Poetry, which under David Staines's editorship has been reviewing almost all books of Canadian poetry for the last two decades.
The American white pelican will fly into the lower Mississippi River Delta again this winter to feed on fish.
Little noises come from white pelican eggs, and if the temperature falls just before hatching, the egg noises can speed up.
Seven surface feeders that fed by swimming or aerial diving on invertebrates, fish, or their remains (16%) included American White Pelican, Wilson's Phalarope, two gulls and four terns.
And a lone white pelican, the first I've seen at Fern Ridge, paddled by not far from the on-anchor boat.
Rescuers searching Saturday for a white pelican with an arrow lodged through its beak were unsuccessful, but say they got an important lead that may help identify the person responsible for injuring the bird.
This is the largest lake in the Pacific Northwest and home for a bounty of birds, from the great white pelican to the nations' pride, the bald eagle.
But last week, a white pelican was struck with a particularly life-threatening obstacle -- an arrow through its beak.
They included the White Pelican, normally located in Romania, the Isabelline Wheatear, from Greece and the East, and the Tawny Pipit from Spain on Anglesey.