white noise

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a noise produced by a stimulus containing all of the audible frequencies of vibration

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Using a proprietary fan in an acoustically optimized enclosure, SNOOZ produces peaceful white noise to help the world fade away so you can sleep.
This was no train - it was loud enough to easily overwhelm the white noise machine.
Serial correlation coefficient tends to 0 very quickly, that is, it falls into the random interval, has no significant difference with 0, belong to white noise sequence.
Key words: normal distribution, stochastic events, combined dynamic systems, power spectrum, white noise
This textbook on quantum bio-informatics, volume 24 in the Quantum Probability and White Noise Analysis series from World Scientific, combines mathematics, physics and life sciences so that graduate students and researchers can delve deeper into the basis of quantum theory.
My essay will examine the topic of violence in White Noise by unraveling the various literary genres on which DeLillo relies.
But the real star was the raven, who shadowed Teshigawara and whose talons clacked on the floor during respites from the music that ranged from industrial white noise to romantic, orchestral swellings.
There have been limited successes such as Istvan Szabo's Being Julia and Geoffrey Sax's White Noise, but both are co-productions and by foreign directors, so they don't fit into the official canon of bonafide Canadian cinema.
Sometimes the white noise created by the flow of buzzwords deafens the reader to important points and observations.
If the excess white noise can be reduced to the shot noise level a further increase of 1.
Three such evil spirits haunt White Noise and the ludicrous twist finale affords a fleeting reunion of Jonathan and Anna's spirit, bathed in an ethereal glow; all that's missing is the Righteous Brothers on the soundtrack e la the 90s hit Ghost.
Borowski, Hunter, and Johnson (2001) found that an antecedent strategy such as white noise could decrease sleep awakenings for infants in the natural home environment.
After the dissolution of Throbbing Gristle, Porridge launched Psychic TV, an '80s ensemble whose output ranged from white noise odysseys to early forays into acid house.
Following the traditional weak formulation, it is shown how one might interpret, and solve, the problem: For a given white noise W, find u in U (an appropriate space of random functions), such that (u, [A.
United Co-op's trial of a white noise system to deter burglars has been so successful it plans to roll it out.