white magic

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magic used only for good purposes

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In principle, if we feel that his demand is genuine and his claims are justified we do the black magic; otherwise, we suggest options that would benefit him like 'poojas' (Hindu religious rituals) or white magic.
I've been working a little black and white magic of my own with sleek masculine-meetsfeminine pieces.
The bold colour play on canvas by artist Dominique Paulin and the black and white magic created by photographer Michel Kirch will force you to take a minute off and think.
Or so he thought, until he became the obsession of a White Magic Woman.
Prosecutors claim a friend of the Frenchman said the defendant had searched the internet for tips on white magic to make the woman want him.
Summary: First I shouted childishly at the never ending cat-and-mouse games in the animated cartoon films when my family could afford to get the black and white magic box in the 1960s.
Bishop of Monmouth Dominic Walker said the incidents coincided with a resurgence in witchcraft in recent years, with the number of occult groups performing both wicca - or white magic - and black magic on the rise.
WHITE MAGIC "A winter wonderland look for a table never fails to draw compliments, as it's delightfully easy on the eye and such a calming contrast to all the colour and detail of the festive decorations," says Sylvia Oakley, tableware stylist for Villeroy & Boch.
While a Vodafone UK customer sent Engadget images of a white iPhone 4, indicating that Apple's white magic will soon be launched in the UK, 9 to 5 reported that the device will be sold in the Netherlands this week.
Given the extraordinary nature of the 2008 elections--particularly the anachronistically extended Democratic primary contest and the historic outcome--it's as good a time as any to try to recapture the White Magic.
The new theme is launched in the Amsterdam Arena every year, and from then on it can start conquering the whole world with its white magic.
Important as these rites of white magic were to the healers of Mesopotamia, the only text of this genre to enter the general scribal curriculum as known from the great scribal libraries of the first millennium was Maqlu, "Burning" (p.
Master new techniques like the dancer's Steps or use new black and white magic with the wise scholar, further enhancing magical capabilities
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