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painful thrombosis of the femoral vein in the leg following childbirth

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In the present study, LvCypA of white leg shrimp, Litopenaeus vannamei has been cloned and expressed in important tissues.
Postlarvae 15 of white leg shrimp were purchased from a private hatchery.
Six very young girls had their photos in the Daily Mail - and on the front page of the Express - wearing nothing but white knickers and white scarves, white leg warmers and high heels.
It surrenders with a highway, the run-on sentence of the 401, your long white leg as if glued to the gas pedal.
Kemal had the audacity to complain about the slurping, jerking and moaning coming from the bed next door as Maxwell finally got his puny, white leg over his house girlfriend.
To avoid the light colored hooves, you will not want to purchase a horse with white leg markings on all four legs.
At the time of independence, the only commercial poultry farming in the country consisted of exotic stock of breeds like White Leg Horn, Rhode Island Red, New Hampshire etc.
Mummy Flanagan is going to have her work cut out, explaining what to do with this pair of trousers, with one black leg and one white leg.
Using white leg markings as an example, Binns said heritability is two-thirds genetic and one-third environmental and that there is predictability but no absolutes.
White leg horn (commercial poultry egg laying strain) was taken as an out-group in the study.
Valdez was an added bonus as King also owns this near imitation of The Minstrel (one big white leg splash missing), reporting: "I bought him off Di Haine, who adored him as I do, and I have a soft spot for flashy chestnuts - he's never been on the market - I didn't even parade him at the open day and I've always liked him.
He was wearing a Cambridge blue T-shirt, dark tracksuit bottoms with a white leg stripe and a cream coloured beanie hat.
A black-headed gull with a white leg ring is in Llanfairfechan for its second winter, though it hatched in the Cotswolds.
Grey mini skirt, pounds 20; white bead necklace, pounds 8; white leg warmers, pounds 8; white sweatband, pounds 3; yellow bangle, pounds 3.