white heather

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heath of mountains of western United States having bell-shaped white flowers

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Anyone caught selling white heather would face a fine of up to PS100.
Matthew's, Viola found time to serve as president of the White Heather Guild and the WMS (of which she is currently treasurer).
They can call themselves the White Heather Club if they want, but they will never be the Scottish Government'
Henderson's lucky white heather had wilted when he announced another of his stars, Simonsig, would not make his comeback in the Peterborough Chase on December 7 and is a major doubt for the King George Chase on Boxing Day.
The singer's career began with a TV appearance in 1953 at 13, and developed during eight years touring with White Heather Group.
There was even one of the present Lord Gisborough's grandfather laid out in his coffin with a spray of white heather on his chest.
expert tip: You can mix and match light and dark brown carex sedges and pair them with red, yellow and orange dogwoods and Springwood White heather for a truly rich garden.
Other flowers included sweet William (grant me one smile), apple blossom (preference and good fortune), white heather (protection and wishes will come true), jasmine (amiability), orange blossom (marriage, eternal love and fruitfulness) and lavender (ardent attachment, devotion, success and luck).
A lucky day in a hooped earring, white heather kind of way that's rare for me to say and even rarer to catch me with earrings on, even on a Friday.
Just as another Dane, Jan Molby, speaks with a thick Scouse accent after a long while in Liverpool red, Lovenkrands has a Scottish twang straight from the White Heather Club.
Club officials wore lucky white heather charms given to them by the Mayor (Ald.
Try a white-berried plant such as Gaultheria mucronata in a galvanised metal pot, accompanied by white heather and variegated ivy.
This was just a one-off on New Year's Eve and luckily she didn't go out that night; it was the one time when BBC Scotland didn't do White Heather.
He is best remembered for hosting the BBC's White Heather Club and songs such as Donald Where's Your Troosers?
The full veil looked like pure silk and her bouquet was white arum lilies and white heather.