white heather

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heath of mountains of western United States having bell-shaped white flowers

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In The White Heather (1897), the Boulter's Lock scene and the under-water battle, both of which followed on from scenes set in the London Stock Exchange and Battersea Park, represented not only sensational scenes but ones in which the 'magnificence .
vernus `Jeanne d'Arc' blends well with a container of variegated ivy, white heather and white cyclamen.
The Swallow Falls Hotel in Betws-y-Coed, the White Heather Hotel and the Evans Hotel in Llandudno and the Eagles Hotel in Llanrwst are all still open for business.
Born on the east coast of Scotland, Hamish became a regular visitor to the Arbroath Folk Club where he soon discovered there was more to folk music than the hoots and hollers of the BBC's White Heather Club.
fantastic races," said Henderson, who, wearing a sprig of lucky white heather, quipped: "Things hadn't quite gone to plan earlier in the day, but if you fire enough bullets, you hope to hit the target sometimes
Matthew's, Viola found time to serve as president of the White Heather Guild and the WMS (of which she is currently treasurer).
They can call themselves the White Heather Club if they want, but they will never be the Scottish Government'
Leslie Watson: "I plan to stay at home, have a cup of Horlicks and watch Jimmy Shand and Andy Stewart on the White Heather Club on my Rediffussion 19 inch TV.
In A Sprig of White Heather, the heroine Hester is stalked along the old moorland road over Ouston Moor from Alston, before she reaches the safety of Ninebanks.
expert tip: You can mix and match light and dark brown carex sedges and pair them with red, yellow and orange dogwoods and Springwood White heather for a truly rich garden.
He is best remembered for hosting the BBC's White Heather Club and songs such as Donald Where's Your Troosers?
Other flowers included sweet William (grant me one smile), apple blossom (preference and good fortune), white heather (protection and wishes will come true), jasmine (amiability), orange blossom (marriage, eternal love and fruitfulness) and lavender (ardent attachment, devotion, success and luck).
They discovered a 50-year-old time capsule complete with a letter, a penny and threepenny stamp, labels from Pumphrey's sugar packets, copies of newspapers including an Evening Gazette and a sprig of white heather.
Think more 21st century Braveheart than shortbread tin or white heather club
Club officials wore lucky white heather charms given to them by the Mayor (Ald.