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an informant who exposes wrongdoing within an organization in the hope of stopping it

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Villanueva said the portal was developed and built on previous projects such as the whistle-blowing system launched in 2014 that allows the forwarding of information on wrongdoing in the GOCC sector.
Overall, companies were found to lack formal whistle-blowing channels for employees to report concerns.
In the case of the Philippines, Numann understands that the concept of a whistle-blowing system is hard to adopt among local firms given the culture and high level of fear on a potential whistle-blower's part.
The majority of employers will have a whistle-blowing policy in their company handbook but managers should be especially aware that the employee in question must not then be subjected to a detriment.
The committee found a "startling disconnect between the generally good quality of whistle-blowing policies in theory and how arrangements actually work in practice.
She explained although they were important, other approaches to ending corruption such as auditing could only pick up a smaller percentage of corruption and related maladies, adding that whistle-blowing was critical in this regard.
Mrs Shaw, 56, from BlacKwood, told the panel she felt she would have had greater protection in reporting grievances against colleagues if she had been aware of the school's whistle-blowing policy.
Keywords: Education, prospective teachers, Turkey, value orientation, whistle-blowing
Whistle-blowing is studied from motivational and social psychological perspectives, as the decision to blow the whistle regarding illegal / improper situations, lies in the person's judgment, based on considerable motivations whether altruistic or personal.
Assange accused 'crazed' Independent Senator Joe Lieberman and Republican congressman Peter King of pressuring companies into blocking funds to his whistle-blowing website.
KPMG Lower Gulf teamed up with the UAE Internal Audit Association to host a breakfast seminar on the 'Challenges and Opportunities of Whistle-Blowing Procedures'.
Summary: The whistle-blowing group WikiLeaks says it is suspending its publishing operations due to fundraising issues.
THE Government's Chief Nursing Officer has told a public inquiry into catastrophic failings at an NHS Trust that more needs to be done to support whistle-blowing within the health service.
The two factors relate to the deliberate disregard of Prison Service Orders and the issue of whistle-blowing.
The cables are among 250,000 being published by the whistle-blowing website.