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an informant who exposes wrongdoing within an organization in the hope of stopping it

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Requiring written notice in assistance whistle-blowing instances does not serve the purposes of the notice requirement, the court ruled.
The term whistle-blowing implies that the current deficiencies in medical information have been deliberate and that someone is at fault.
To ensure whistle-blowing genuinely works, people need to feel they are free to whistle-blow in good faith without fear of victimisation.
Each NHS employer must have a robust whistle-blowing policy that provides a safe environment for staff to raise concerns.
Eric Morton, the interim chief executive of Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust, said: "Dr Singh's suspension was unconnected with whistle-blowing and the disciplinary proceedings are still ongoing.
We have been looking to get into the whistle-blowing market for some time.
This time out Al Pacino is the crusading producer (Lowell Bergman) and Russell Crowe the whistle-blowing employee (Jeffrey Wigand) in Michael Mann's polished muckraker about corporate corruption and cover-up in the tobacco and media industries.
He called the whistle-blowing act the most outrageous case he had ever seen during his years in the health service.
FEI has no objection to the bill, but Healey noted that "the accounting profession objects to its whistle-blowing aspects and an emphasis on SEC standard setting.
Many such familiar details are rehearsed in GAP'S Survival Guide for Whistleous risks of whistle-blowing is family breakup.
Miss Clark claimed that the trust had never invoked whistle-blowing procedures in relation to her concerns.
Legal changes taking place will mean that legal protection for employees who report wrong-doing by their employer or blow the whistle , will only be afforded to those raising whistle-blowing allegations of public interest.
Summary: Thousands of confidential US State Department documents have been released by the whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks.
Washington, Dec 8 (ANI): Establishing a close gut-level connection with workers could be the key to encouraging whistle-blowing, according to an ongoing study by University of Illinois researchers including an Indian-origin scientist.