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an informant who exposes wrongdoing within an organization in the hope of stopping it

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Lord Prior, minister in charge of NHS finances, has agreed to meet the whistle-blowers and managers to hear of their experiences and ideas of what to do.
Global Banking News-March 24, 2015--India offers cash for new information from HSBC whistle-blower
This is perhaps not surprising given potential damages a tribunal can award a successful whistle-blower are unlimited where he/she has been unfairly dismissed for making a protected disclosure, as opposed to being limited to the lower of a year's gross pay or PS76,574 in a straight-forward unfair dismissal claim, and a tribunal will take into account a whistle-blower may struggle to gain new employment.
They warn: "Departments' own attempts at changing whistle-blowing policy and processes for the better have not been successful in modifying a bullying culture, or in combating unacceptable behaviour, such as harassment of whistle-blowers, within their organisations.
83% of whistle-blowers raise their concerns at least twice, usually internally
Taking all reasonable steps , by way of a defence, will necessarily involve bringing a paper policy to life and a message to employees that legitimate whistle-blowers will be supported a step which in itself may give employees greater confidence to come forwards.
Since the program's launch in August 2011, the SEC has only awarded four whistle-blowers with money for assisting with investigations, with (http://www.
When whistle-blower Peter Daly, 49, attempted to tell managers about what he believed was going on, he said he received a threatening phone call.
Fellow whistle-blower Tom Hanson, also 49, said: "We are glad to hear after more than two years there will finally be some closure on this.
Therefore, whistle-blowers will earn, at a minimum, $1 million to $3 million.
Yet, many companies fail to implement evidence-based policies that encourage whistle-blowers to report wrongdoing internally--and suffer the consequences.
Dubai: The Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) is taking the lead in drawing up legislation to protect whistle-blowers, a senior official told Gulf News.
If he does, his suit would join at least 10 others that have been filed in the last three years alone by county whistle-blowers who claim they were fired, demoted or retaliated against for attempting to expose corruption and wrongdoing.
His comments follow claims from the Royal College of Nursing that whistle-blowers in the NHS are routinely ignored and marginalised.
Include in any employee handbook for the organization a specific discussion of the FCA, the rights of employees to be protected as whistle-blowers, and the organization's policies and procedures for detecting and preventing fraud, waste, and abuse.